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Wonderlab The Wonderlab is a must see attraction in Bloomington, IN if you have kids. It’s a great stop for giving your kids a fun and interesting day. The benefit is that they are still learning, every exhibit in Wonderlab is designed to help teach kids about its function. Wonderlab is open from 9:30 to 5:00 on Tuesdays through Saturday. On Sunday it is open from just 1 to 5. Admission to Wonderlab is cheap at just $7 bucks a visitor of any age over 1. There is plenty to do here and will keep you and your kids busy for hours on end. There are exhibits exploring the properties of water and shows kids how spinning water can create a vortex that will keep balls in the center of a tub. A rather unique and interesting exhibit is the Cosmic Dance, here plates on the ground are sensitive to cosmic radiation, making them light up when hit by the rays. For many visitors their favorite exhibit is the Grapevine Climber. The climber features a two story tall maze of leaf like pad which kids can climb and experience differing views of the area. No museum of science and learning would be complete without a exhibit that teaches kids how music is made and how different instruments make different types of sound waves. Another exhibit that will surly pull in the kids is a giant metal machine maze. Here kids are able to drop a marble and see how the kinetic energy is transferred to create an assortment of different devices move.

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What to eat in Bloomington

Brew Pub While traveling through Bloomington Indiana I ran across a brewery, they were open for tours and even had a full services restaurant open to the public. Upland Brewing Co. has a great new brewery that they have named Profile. The new brewery is state of the art and named because it’s located at 4060 Profile Parkway. Attached right to the brewery is the Bloomington Brew Pub. The Brew Pub is one of the most popular restaurant in the Bloomington area, it has a great selection of food to choose from ranging from grilled chicken to pasta. The menu is changed seasonally to keep up with the local and fresh ingredients. The Pub at any given time has 7 of the Brewery’s unique beers on tap. If its your first time at the Pub then don’t’ hesitate to ask for a sampler. The Sampler consists of 7 5oz glasses and each one is filled with a different brew from upland. It’s the perfect way to find your favorite. If its summertime then the Upland Beer Garden is a great place to spend an evening with friends. It’s a place where local musicians can get a chance to get their music out. Upland is 100% non-smoking and completely family friendly, the entire family is invited to dine at Brew Pub. Dishes are completely priced for any other sit-down restaurant expect to pay about 6-9 bucks for a sandwich or between 11-17 for a nice steak. The food is always freshly prepared and the servers are always friendly and attentive.