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Kidzone Let’s face it the age old saying that if daddy isn’t happy no buddy happy. That’s true most of the time but it’s also true that if the kids aren’t happy no buddy is happy. On a trip if young kids are not entertained or having fun than its going to be a very very long day/trip/hour or even 10 minutes will feel like hours. While traveling in Missouri we were having one of those extremely long days. Our young children were not happy and they were complaining that everything we were doing was boring. In fact some of it was boring an di couldn’t blame them. I hoped on my phone and was able to find Kidzone of Blue Springs. I was able to look on their website and see that they had an open play session so we got lunch and headed over for the Open play session. Kidzone is a huge kids safe area that has giant blow up slide. Trampolines with neat’s so you can’t get hurt, and no kids play place would be complete without a giant ball pit. I think I even got lost a few times while swimming around with my son. It was a great time and kept out kids quite for the next few days while we drove and visiting other places that weren’t quite as exciting for kids. Kidzone open play was just 6.50 for kids ages 3 and up and 4.50 for kids between 13 months and 2 years old. The best part is that parents get in free.

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What to eat in Blue Springs

Real Jalisco When traveling with family the hardest part is usually trying to find someplace to eat that will satisfy every member of the family. To get around this I usually try to ask a local where a good place to eat is and that usually heads off any arguments about where to eat. While in Blue Springs I was expecting for a local to recommend a good BBQ restaurant but instead he recommended a Mexican restaurant. Real Jalisco he said it’s the best place in town. I was a little surprised and taken back at first but decided to get it a chance. It’s not very often that I get a chance to eat Mexican in Missouri. The restaurant was surprisingly authentic and the staff was very friendly and knowledgably about the menu and how each of the dishes are made. It was great I wasn’t too sure what I wanted as I’m not that savvy with native Mexican dishes. They asked what I like if I like really hot or mild. Do I like pepper, onions and mushrooms? I have rarely got the level of service that Real Jalisco in Blue Spring. The food was great, quick, and very flavorful. The staff was unparalleled when it comes to knowing the menu, keeping drinks refilled and jut being friendly.