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Idaho State Capitol

Boise Idaho State Capitol In 1890, the Idaho state capitol would move from Lewiston, Idaho to Boise, the same year that President Benjamin Harrison signed the territory into statehood; with a strange story about how the change would come about. It has been said, that government workers would sneak into the capitol building and steal the state seal, going to Boise in the night; and by the time all was said and done, Boise would become the new capitol of the new state, helping it to grow into the biggest community in the Northwestern region. The architects that designed the magnificent structure were Charles Hummel and John E. Tourtellote, using various materials to build the large building, with their design inspired by many sources and cultures. The architects would end up using four different types of marble from Georgia came the red marble, Alaska sent the gray marble, from Italy came the black and the green marble would come from Vermont. The actual inspirations would be Roman based, like St. Peter's in Rome, the US capitol in Washington, DC and St. Paul's in London. The most distinguishable feature about the massive capitol is the dome, with a bronze eagle sitting atop it, that is five feet and seven inches high, while the entire structure rises up 208 feet from the ground and is spread across 201,720 square feet huge, with more than 50,000 square feet of artistically carved marble. The original structure had 219 pillars that were either Ionic, Corinthian or Doric columns, with each pillar made from scagliola, marble dust and plaster. Scagliola is a blend of gypsum, granite, marble dust and glue, and then specially dyed to make it look like it was really marble. This unique mixture would be the result of a family of artisans that created it themselves. As you stand on the first floor, looking up towards the dome, you'll see thirteen huge stars and forty-three smaller ones, with the bigger ones representing the original thirteen colonies and the forty-three small ones representing all the states, with the forty-third being the addition of Idaho. If you look down towards the floor, you'll notice a compass rose, within its center sitting a sundial with minerals that can be found in the state, along with a marvelous statue called, "Patriot". It was created by Kenneth Lonn for those that worked in the mining industry. There is so much to be seen inside the capitol building that the best thing to do is to visit it, and the best way to do that is to rent a great vehicle from the friendly folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise has the best vehicles around, that are constantly maintained and kept up to par, with the friendliest customer service people in the nation. Enterprise wants to be your rental car company.

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Boise Art Museum

Boise Art MuseumThe Boise Art Museum would open in 1931 as the Boise Art Association, and by 1937, they would be joining into a partnership with the city and the federal WPA; who would then construct a new museum for them in the Julia Davis Park, sitting right in the midst of downtown Boise, in a new 3,000 square foot art deco structure that had two galleries with a small office/lobby; and in the beginning, it would showcase local and regional artworks, as well as helping the community's growth in the cultures. In 1961, it would become the Boise Gallery of Art and continue to grow, with the eventual need for more space. In 1972, it would be moved into a temporary space as construction started on a year long expansion project, which would add another 10,000 square feet of space for a sales shop, vault and studio space, enlarged galleries, a separate lobby, and to begin laying a firm foundation for a permanent collection, educational programs, with a docent program and exhibition practices. In 1988, the museum would become known as the Boise Art Museum, or BAM; that today plays a leadership role in the cultural life of the community with a growing permanent collection that concentrates on regional and national works of art, educational programs that have helped over 13,000 students every year, and nationally acclaimed exhibitions. Today, their permanent collection houses over 3,000 works that showcase the 20th century American art with a strong emphasis on the northwest, ceramics and American realism. It also includes a survey of Asian and European works designed to compliment the overall collection and exhibited thematically within current displays, like the one now being shown called, Elegance of Form: Selections of American Art from the Permanent Collection. You can easily get there with a taxi or try finding the right buses to take you there, but the easiest and time saving way to visit would be to check out the folks at the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car office that will help you choose the perfect vehicle for your vacation or traveling needs. Enterprise will give you the BEST prices, BEST service and has the BEST staff.