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iPic Movie Theater Ever been to a movie theater and just not be comphy? I have, and when most new movies are on the edge of 2 hours long it’s a big deal if you aren’t happy. On top of that there are the teenagers who are screaming at the screen, throwing popcorn, and even using those pesky laser pointers on the screen. Overall going to the movies can be stressful and unenjoyably at times. While traveling through Bolingbrook Illinois I saw iPic Theater. It looked different than most theaters and I took my wife on a date, it was absolutely amazing. I had never been to, let alone knew that a movie theater such as this existed. The theater had two choices of seating Premium and premium plus. When you look at it the Premium is a little redundant and you just have your standard seating and plus seating. But the standard or Premium seating isn’t like your standard move theater seats. These over sided plush chairs are just amazing you sink right into them . The chairs even have a tray table and come with popcorn. I had to splurge while we were there and get the Plus seating. It was worth the extra 10 bucks because the chairs recline! Completely you can lad on your back and watch a move its just a great experience. On top of that in the plus seating area you can order food from the kitchen. iPic has a Bar and Restaurant in house and has their own culinary graduate chef who prepares each and every dish. Don’t forget about the full bar. All of which you are able to bring into the theater to enjoy with your show.

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Portillo's If traveling in Illinois there is one restaurant that you have to try. To do that all you need to do is look for a Portillo. Any Illinois native will tell you that Portillo is their favorite place to hang out and grab a hotdog. Over 47 years ago the first restaurant was opened in a small 10 by 11 trailer with no running water. Today Portillo’s has over 50 locations across 4 states and is renowned by locals and tourist alike. Each and every Portillo’s is ran with a perfectionist attitude in mind. The restaurant is clean both inside in out and that is important because a Portillo’s on average will feed 4 times the amount of customers a McDonalds will on an average day. That isn’t including late night or breakfast time. Portillo’s is large and often times packed and has long lines. Don’t let that discourage you from trying it out because the lines are the quickest I’ve seen at any restaurant or even an amusement park. The quality of service at Portillo’s is second to none. If at any time you need something just stop the closes employee and I’m sure they will help you out. A manager has to train for over 14 weeks before they are able to work solo in a store. A French fry cook require 2 weeks of training, and to work at the beef sandwich station it takes 12 weeks of training. Portillo’s is a standard for Illinois and one of the best restaurant s especially if you are in Bolingbrook check out Julian’s Plaza where a Portillo is location and the brand new Honey-Jam Café.