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Things to do in Brattleboro

trainBack in the small beginnings of the town the settlers were continuously raided by Indians. Although the town was continuously under attack the settlers kept coming. Being a town that was the stage for a coach route the economy benefited from the trade of grain, lumber, turpentine, tallow and pork. To protect the growing population and economy of the town Fort Dummer was built. This fort served as both a trading post and place to scout for intruders. Now that the town was more secure more people traveled to the city looking for protection. The 200 acres surrounding the town were cleared and the town was named after the title owner William Brattle Jr. William Brattle was a well rounded man and was a colonel in the King's Militia, Harvard graduate, preacher, lawyer, doctor and legislator. Even after the death of William the town continued to grow and a gristmill and sawmill were built on Whetstone Brook. The town today is an area welcoming to travelers who can still arrive to town by train. The Amtrak provides regular service to the town and as you look out at the windows you will see the beauty of this town as it sits between the West and Connecticut Rivers. For a culturally rich town filled with love and compassion a visit to Brattleboro should be on your calendar.

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A few more things in Brattleboro

fallsLocated in Brattleboro you can find the old Mill town. Still a popular place for visitors and local hang out the Mill Town has a pristine and beautiful look about it. Untouched by the changes in technology the mill town is located next to Whetstone Falls. These falls provide the power to run watermills. Mother Nature powers these mills not electricity. The beginning of the mills was the sawmill and gristmills. These basics provided the essentials for the small town but as the town grew expansion was needed. Added next to Brattleboro was the woolen textile mill, paper mill, and flour mill. All of these ran off of the beautiful mills and helped make the town prosperous. Today these manmade waterfalls are still flowing and their beauty is worth the trip.