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Edwin Carter Museum

Breckenridge Edwin Carter Museum Edwin Carter arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado in 1868, looking for gold and fortunes, but as soon as he saw the disastrous results of the mining, its influence on the environment and the local wildlife, he would become a taxidermist and begin collecting thousands of Rocky Mountain animal specimens for his museum, that also was his home. Eventually, scientists from around the world would be coming to the small community to view his marvelous collection. Edwin would work and live in his museum for the next twenty-five years, and after he passed on in 1900, his fabulous collection of 3300 wildlife specimens would become the core of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Today, that museum honors the life and legacy of Edwin Carter, with magnificent interactive displays, a children's room, theater and a hands-on taxidermy workbench. Edwin would be called a log cabin naturalist, who constructed a log cabin museum, with twelve foot high ceilings and is still considered to be in outstanding condition seeing how it is now more than 125 years old. His story is somewhat sketchy, with just five photographs found of him, and next to nothing written about him, and since he would never marry, his legacy, would not be continued, except for the folks that operate the museum today. If you should visit this excellent museum, you will learn more about this great early naturalist, and the easiest way to travel to the site is to check out the great deals at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in the region. Enterprise offers the best vehicles at the lowest price, and has excellent customer service people to handle and help you with all your traveling needs.

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Country Boy Mine

Breckenridge Country Boy MineSet in the heart of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, the Country Boy Mine became one of the biggest and most famous gold mines in Breckenridge, Colorado, and all the many activities that wait for visitors at the mine. Join one of the mine tours as you enter into a genuine gold mine, that has been entirely rejuvenated, offering you the opportunity to mine for gold by panning, slide down a 55 foot ore chute, enjoy viewing the many displays and exhibits of equipment that had been used by the miners and pet some of the friendly burros; and visit the general store where you might find other treasures to bring home. The tour and mine has been exciting visitors for more than two decades now, and with the value of gold skyrocketing each day, it is one place where you can do more than just look, you might be able to find enough gold to pay for the rental car you'll need to get there. The mine tours will allow you to explore more than a thousand feet of the original workings, where you will use almost all your senses to see what it felt like to be a miner in those past days. The general store still sells that great rock candy, along with excellent books about the local legends, gold panning supplies and more rocks than you could imagine. If you are there in time for supper, they even has an old fashioned BBQ with campfire and marshmallow roast, with much more. Just imagine panning for gold in Eureka Creek, or if the weather is inclimate, then head to the blacksmith shop where you can still pan in the warmth of a cozy building beside a marvelous wood stove. The company offers gold panning by the hour or by the afternoon, depending on your gold fever, but either way, all you find is yours to keep. Admission includes how to pan for gold, the pan you'll need to find the small flecks of gold or perhaps a nugget?, since they do include an empty vial for the gold dust or nuggets you find. Actually, on their website, they had one couple who spent two entire days panning for gold, and they couldn't say enough about the adventure of a lifetime. To get there, use Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with plenty of locations around the area, with the best prices, deals, vehicles and staff.