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Lake Compounce Growing up in Orlando where Disney and Universal Studios is right in my backyard I never thought that I would go to Connecticut to ride a rollercoaster. In Bristol Connecticut however there is a coaster that has been named the Worlds number 1 wooden roller coaster. By the name of Boulder Dash this wooden costar is located in Lake Compounce family amusement park. Boulder Dash is 4672 feet long and was the longest wooden coaster in the world up until 2006 when El Toro of Six Flags took the title. Boulder Dash was also the faster coaster as well with a top speed of around 65 miles per hour. That is around the speed limit on most freeways. Lake Compounce is home to many fun attractions that will thrill the whole family. There are 3 coasters in total Boulder Dash, The Wildcat, and Zoomerang. Each is a great ride and will make you scream. If big roller coasters aren’t you cup of tea then don’t worry because at Lake Compounce there is something for everyone. In the area of thrill rides there is no shortage. There are 10 thrill rides to enjoy. There are some common rides and not so common rides. If you want something that you know then hop on the Pirate ship, The Wave Swinger, or Down Time. For something special and unique then take a ride on the Revolution or sky Coaster. The Sky Coaster is an extra fee however its worth every penny. Hope into a harness by yourself or with another person and fly over 65 miles per hour through the air with nothing between you in the ground besides a few seatbelt type straps.

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What to explore in Bristol

Crocodile Cove Crocodile Cove is a part of the massive Lake Compounce Amusement park and it is a great place to cool off during a hot summer day. Water parks are a great place for the while family, there are things to do for all ages young and old. At Crocodile Cover there is a large selection of rides and the selection is always growing. Riptides Racers was recently installed and is now one of the most popular rides. Riptide racers is a mat style head to head racers. Get a group of friends and plunge head first down nearly identical tubes and see who is the fastest. While on the idea of tunnels there are two other runnel rides. Tunnel Twister is a group of 3 twisting tunnels slides that are each different and give a fun high. The other ride is lights out, lights out is a high speed, steep drop that will leave your stomach up in your chest. It is loads of fun but takes some guts to ride it for the first time. If big fast slides aren’t your style then just sit back and relax in the lazy river, this never ending river gently pushes along its guest. The kids aren’t left out either as they can enjoy the Pirate ship or Clipper Cove. Clipper Cove is an area filled with water cannons small slides, and o yes I can’t forget a 300 gallon water bucket! This bucket takes some time to fill but once it hits a tipping point there is no stopping it. If you are anywhere near it be prepared to get wet.