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Things to do in Bristol

Bristol Speedway   When you hear Bristol Tennessee what comes to mind? For most it is the Bristol Motor Speedway one of the most exciting tracks that NASCAR races. Bristol if often described simply as "There's racing... then there's Bristol." The Bristol Motor Speedway is an exciting half mile oval track, Bristol Speedway has the fastest half mile track in the world and because of that makes it an exciting event to witness. Tickets can be bought throughout the year so make sure to book ahead as many races will sell out. Bristol doesn't just do NASCAR they also house other events through the year. On July 28 2012 Bristol is housing Thomson Metal Monster Truck Madness. There isn't much explain to do about this one a monster truck rally is a monster truck rally and its hard to screw up. Sponsored by Beef O'Brady's this is one of the largest Monster Truck events. There are both races and a free style events during the rally. Pricing is affordable at $15 in advance or $20 at the gate, the young ones are also invited and if they are under 10 they get in for $5. Parking is cheap with 2 free public parking areas that have shuttle buses going to and fro the speedway. If the shuttles are not your cup of tea then paid premium parking is available. If you don't want to bother with the hassle of parking and hotels then the Bristol Motor Speedway camping grounds is going to be your friend booked for 5 days at a time so you catch all the price and race actions there are 3 different types of hookups and can be reserved throughout the year. When visiting Bristol the Speedway is a must see.

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What to explore in Bristol

Bristol Caverns   On the other side of the Spectrum Bristol also offers some quieter activities for your family. The Bristol Caverns are an exciting experience that is one of a kind. The Bristol Caverns were cared out by underground rivers millions of years ago and have been a part of the Bristol area ever since. A century ago when settlers were fighting with the local Indians, there were myths about the Indians appearing and disappearing as if they were swallowed up by the earth. This appeared as witch craft at the time however now we know that the Indians were really using the underground river system like the Bristol Caverns to get around. Besides following the war path of the local Indians when traveling through the cavers you will see huge Stalactites and Stalagmites. Some of which have grown for so many years that they touch and have formed a solid pillar a site that is sourly seen. Guided tour are daily and leave the gift shop every 20 minutes. The tour was my favorite part the guides knew every part of the cavern and could explain how the rocks formed, the tour was an hour and ended back at the gift shop. The underground river is 180 feet below the cavern floor. There are also special minerals found naturally through the cavern that die the rocks and cause them to be red and green giving the underground rocks something special. The Bristol Caverns are a one of the kind sight, the whole family will enjoy the walk along the chilly caves. If its during the summer its a great escape from the heat and spend a few hours exploring.