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Hall of Fame for Great Americans

Bronx Hall of Fame for Great Americans The first and original Hall of Fame in this nation would be created at the start of the 20th century in the Bronx, New York, called the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, where fame means renown or well known, instead of today's association of fame with famous celebrities. The originator, Chancellor Henry Mitchell MacCracken, would say that the inspiration for this institution would be the Ruhmeshalle, which mean hall of fame in German, that was built in Munich, Germany. It would be finished in 1900, on the original campus of New York University, in a structure donated by Helen Gould and dedicated in 1901. It occupies a site on the heights that had been held by the British in its successful attack on Fort Washington in 1776. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and become a famous landmark in the city. The memorial structure is an open-air colonnade, that spans 630 feet in length housing places for 102 bronze sculptures, that would be designed in the neoclassical style by architect Stanford White, and the library is similar to the Low Library at Columbia, that had been designed by White's partner, Charles McKim. On the pediments of the hall, and carved in stone, are the immortal words, "by wealth of thought, or else by mighty deed, they served mankind in noble character. In worldwide good they live forever more." On the base of each sculpture there is a bronze plaque that has the name of the person commemorated, their achievements and quotations and their significant dates. Every single one of the bronze busts would be created specifically for the hall and could not be copied or replicated in any way for half a century of its creation. You can learn what criteria is necessary to be considered for this honorable position by visiting the hall as well as the classification of honorees. You can also learn the names of the first 29 people that would be inducted; but the very first name that heads the list is; George Washington, and then, the next or actually, one of the greatest men of our nation ever to be born, without a silver spoon in his mouth, Abraham Lincoln, then Daniel Webster, Benjamin Franklin, US Grant, John Marshall and Thomas Jefferson, and for a complete list, visit the hall. The best way to travel there is to rent a vehicle from the great people at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise is the best car rental company in the world today, with the best prices and deals that help you get the BIGGEST discounts in the world today.

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Van Cortlandt House

Bronx Van Cortlandt HouseThe Van Cortlandt House Museum in the Bronx, New York, is also called the Frederick Van Cortlandt House or Van Cortlandt House, that is the oldest structure in the borough, constructed in the Georgian style by Frederick himself, in 1748 for his family. He would pass on before it was finished, and the estate would be inherited by his son, James Van Cortlandt. The fabulous fieldstone house is two and a half stories with a double hipped room and shaped like an L. The Van Cortlandts were a well known merchantile family in the state's affairs, that would also begin a grain plantation and grist mill on the estate, with the house being used in the Revolutionary War by Lafayette, Washington and Rochambeau. After living there for more than a hundred and forty years, the Van Cortlandt family would sell the estate to the city of New York and make it a public parkland, and be added to the list of the National Register of Historic places in 1967 and later, it would become a National Historic Landmark in 1976. In 1897, it would be opened as a historic house museum, that would become the first one in the city and the fourth in the nation. You can easily get there by renting a well maintained modern vehicle from the great folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where customer service is number one, and you are the reason they are here. With numerous location in the city, you should have no problems getting the right vehicle for your needs, with the staff at Enterprise more than willing to help in any way.