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Brooklyn Art Museum

Brooklyn Museum of Art Considered one of the biggest art museums in the United States, and certainly, the second biggest in the city of New York, the Brooklyn Art Museum is simply called the Brooklyn Museum; and believed to be one of the premier art facilities in the world. The permanent collection houses many magnificent works that span from ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art, including the artworks of numerous cultures, the collections occupy much of 560,000 square feet the museum owns, in a marvelous beaux arts structure, with about half a million visitors being thoroughly enchanted and mesmerized by the fabulous collections. The museum sits in the midst of Central Brooklyn, about a half hour from midtown Manhattan and fifteen minutes from downtown Brooklyn. Its roots begin around 1823, when the founding of the Brooklyn Apprentices' Library would be opened in Brooklyn Heights. It would then move into the Brooklyn Lyceum in 1841, and two years later merged and became the Brooklyn Institute, that provided the community with outstanding exhibitions of sculpture, paintings and lectures about many diverse subjects. The museum would then reorganize in 1890 and become the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences as well as start the planning of the Brooklyn Museum. Today, the museum showcases collections of Eygptian and African art, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century paintings, decorative arts and sculptures. In their American collection of paintings they are well representative of the past with the works of such great masters as Georgia O'Keefe, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Gilbert Sullivan's portrait of George Washington and Edward Hick's The Peaceable Kingdom. You can get to this wonderful museum in the best possible way by renting a great vehicle from the kind folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, who will help you through the process of finding just the perfect vehicle for your needs, as well as help you get to where you want to go. Enterprise prides itself on the friendly staff, and well maintained vehicles, so do the best you can for you and your family by visiting them when in Brooklyn.

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New York Aquarium

Brooklyn New York AquariumThis aquarium in Brooklyn, New York, is the oldest continuously operating aquarium in the nation, opening in Castle Garden in Battery Park, Manhattan in 1896, and eventually moved to the boardwalk on Coney Island, Brooklyn in 1957. The aquarium sits on fourteen acres of land, with more than 350 speices of aquatic life, dedicated to raising the awareness of issues that pertain to the ocean and its inhabitants, by using research, public events and special displays. At its Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences (OLMS), there are numerous studies being done right now that investigate coral reefs, dolphin cognition and satellite tagging of sharks. The aquarium would be adopted into the care of what had been the New York Zoological Society in 1902, when it house just 150 species of marine life; but over the ensuing years, it would enlarge its collections quite a bit and attract hundreds of thousands of visitor every year. Today, the aquarium houses mammals, reptiles and amphibians, fish and birds. Mammals include the California sea lion, Pacific walrus and the sea otter, with the black-footed penquin kept in with the birds. Examples of fish include; sand tiger sharks, giant Pacific octopus and flower hat jellies, and reptiles and amphibians house the magnificent loggerhead turtles. Some of the fabulous exhibits include Happy Feet 4-D experience, conservation hall, alien stingers, explore the shore, Sea lion celebration at the Aquatheater, sharks and sea cliffs. You can always try the subway, but if you aren't too sure of where you are headed, you might run into problems, so the safest and easiest way to travel around the borough is to rent a vehicle from the great people at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise has the best deals and prices in the region, with the friendliest customer service people in the world and the best maintained vehicles that will keep you going to where you want to go.