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Things to do in Brownsville

gladysLocated in Brownsville Texas is the infamous Glady’s Porter Zoo. This remarkable zoo contains 377 species of animals and 225 species of plants and a ¾ a mile trek around the zoo where you can cover the world of animals in 4 zoogeographic areas. AS you start off you voyage in Tropical America you can look at the playful Macaws and Galapagos Tortoises, Flamingos, Cuban Crocodiles and so many more animals. The bright colors and music and playful animals take you through this tropical area and wave goodbye as you travel into the rainforest of Africa. Africa holds some of the more popular zoo animals and here on your wild safari you will find giraffes, Grant's zebras, African lions, ostrich, Western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and white rhinos, along with some of the not-so-familiar animals such as Arabian oryx, greater kudu, cape hunting dogs, bontebok and bongo. Feel tribal and sway with the music as you head into Indo-Australia. In the next area you will travel through the regions of Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. Gaze at the wallabies, magpie geese, and look for the saltwater crocs before walking through the interactive aviary. Last but not least find the diversity of Asia. Discover the diversity of the gaur, Przewalski's horses, Bactrian camels and pileated gibbons. The zoo also offers a Herpetarium, South American Free-flight Aviary, Macaw Canyon, Bear Grottos, a California Sea Lion exhibit and Komodo dragon exhibit. There is also a nursery and petting zoo where your family can get a little closer to the wild animals here.

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A few more things in Brownsville

bobzAs if this all wasn’t enough Brownville is also home to Bobz World! Bobz World offers something for everybody. From family ride, thriller rides, kids rides, to water rides this place offers every ride.  Walk through the prehistoric times and spot and alien or two.For the more adventurous there a giant sharks figures and a larger than life underwater seaworld! For a wonderful family experience walk through a page right out of history and see the life size civil war frozen in front of you. Maybe you will want to walk through a maze of marvel caracters walking around and hanging from the cieling you can see spider man dangling from his own web. You can go on a guided tour and even have a wind experience of your own.