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Ethan Allen Homestead When traveling I always try to keep my eyes open for interesting places to visit. Often times I happen across a museum that hold lots of fun facts. When driving through North Carolina I saw a sign advertising the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum. I was slightly confused and intrigued at the same time as the only time I’ve ever heard of Ethan Allen was when furniture was in the conversation. As it turns out however the man Ethan Allen was a famous war hero. More of a folk hero then a war hero but never the less a hero. Ethan Allen lived in the 17th century and helped to lead many different groups of troops. In the spring of 1775 Fort Ticonderoga was captured by the American Colonies and Ethan Allen was the man in charge. The men were the Green mountain Boys and they were as rugged as the name suggests. Ethan Allen was surprisingly backwoods and at the time well learned and incredibly smart at the same time. Today the Homestead of Ethan Allen is just a few miles outside of downtown Burlington and offers an array of exhibits that include hands on history, great scenery, and a beautiful picnic area that sits aside a river.

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What to eat in Burlington

Ethan Allen Homestead Good food is never far away when you are in the Burlington. There are many restaurants to choose from all the chains like every other town but there isn’t anything special about those places. Sure Olive Garden is good don’t get me wrong but its just not the place you would go to make a memory. Prego’s is the place to go while you are in Burlington it’s the original and only makes the best Authentic Italian you can find in the area. Founded by Vincento Hernandez because of his love for good Italian food, he only have one goal and that is to share his food with as many people. The love for Italian food is clearly evident in the menu at Prego’s. There is a total of 66 different authentic Italian dishes on the menu. That doesn’t include the daily specials that are created from scratch and made personally for each and every customer. No Italian dinner is finished without both coffee and dessert. That is why on this fantastic menu is 7 different types of coffees and a total of nine different delicious desserts. One of which is a fantastic Tiramisu.