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Things to do in Burnsville

Buck Hill Taking a vacation to the north for the winter has been a family tradition. We head up to at least North Carolina and enjoy skiing for a week or so. This year we ventured a little farther north all the way to Buck Hill in Burnsville. Buck Hill is a great mountain that has Skiing, Snowboarding, and even Tubing! It was tons of fun. Tubing was my favorite because even after years or traveling north for skiing I’m not the greatest. Tubing however I was a master at because I was just able to sit on my rear like I do day in and day out and fly down a huge white hill. Buck Hill is open yearly from the end of September to late in March it all depends on the weather and if it stays cold enough to blow snow. A big part of Skiing is the price and for tubing it was really reasonable. Tickets were sold in 2 hours sessions, each session is just 16 bucks before 4pm, and 14 between 4 and close. My family spent countless hours on the slope spending time on the 15 plus slopes that Buck Hill had to offer. The locals were great as well. Everyone that we came across was willing to show us the ropes. Which trails we should be able to handle and which turns to avoid.

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What to eat in Burnsville

Jensen's Cafe Where to eat in Burnsville? That is an easy question. Jensen’s café, while enjoying the slopes a few of the locals mentioned that we should stop at Jenson’s Café. Jenson’s is a one of a kind café that sports delicious and fresh cuisine. I was surprised to see a bright colors and a enjoyable professional staff. On top of that they served my favorite meal all day long. We got to enjoy delicious breakfast food at 5pm after a long day at the slopes. The food at Jenson’s was top notch pancakes anywhere you want was one of the best parts. These weren’t your Ihop or Denny’s pancakes but they were made from scratch like they should be… the way momma used to make them. They were light and fluffy yet complelty cooked. I have spent countless hours trying to cook pancakes like the ones that Jensen’s just kept popping out. We must have eaten over a pounds worth. There was other delicious edible creations as well. The eggs were completely organic and bought from non farm raised chickens. My wife ordered a delicious spin on eggs benedict and ordered the Bacon Benedict. Which was similar except it was covered with thick delicious smoked apple wood bacon. Jensen’s Café is a delicious and small café. It served up the best breakfast in town and better that I can find back home.