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Calumet City Historical Society Museum Calumet City is a small town with many great things to offer. One small but pristine feature is the Calumet City Historical Society and Museum. This small museum was established in 1974 to project the history behind Calumet City. This museum is almost exactly on the state line between Indiana and Illinois, making it an especially exciting place to visit. Like the Museum half of Calumet City is in Illinois and half is in Indiana. The only thing that tells them apart is a small two lane road named State Line Ave. There is one other special exhibit back at the museum, known as “The Heritage Cabin.” This Cabin is the oldest building in the Calumet City area dating back to 1836. The cabin isn’t even in its original spot. A strip mall was about to bulldoze it over when the owners decided to donate it to the Historical Society. Piece by piece the two story cabin was numbered and dismantled then stored for a year and a half till a good location was found. After that long wait the Park District gave a small portion of Veteran’s park to the historical society so they could rebuild this amazing piece of Calumet City history. The Historical Society Museum also has many local exhibits on the history Calumet City. These exhibits are open to view on Thursday from 1 to 4 PM. A lot of the exhibits focus on the Civil War as Calumet City was a very active throughout the war. The Historical Society Museum is a great place to take your family on an adventure to learn about this small town and the impact it has had on our history.

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A few more things in Calumet City

Deep River Waterpark A short twenty minute drive out of Calumet City to Hammond will land you at the best waterpark in the area. With over 27 different attractions a day or two at Deep River Waterpark just can’t be beat. Rates are below what you would expect for a large waterpark at just around $20 a person for adults and cheaper for kids. The park is always having discounts so check out their website and see what is available when you go. Kids will love this park there is huge kids area known as “Mayor Byrdovich’s Courthouse. This area is watched extra closely by life guards so they the rest of the family can catch a ride of the Double Dueling CannonBowl. After climbing the stairs to fun rides there is always a place to relax and catch some sun. Server places are great for relaxing there is the Rip Tide Wave Pool where you can float out and relax to the rolling waves, or just hope on the lazy river and enjoy the slow steady drift. If slow and steady isn’t your pace and you need to have more excitement in your life then the Dragon Speed Slide is what you are looking for. With nearly a vertical drop you will almost experience your max free fall speed. Deep River Waterpark is fun all day every day, and if you have children who are always fighting I might suggest pitting them against one another in Water Wars. Water Wars is a life size water balloon fight where score is kept to really find out who has the better arm.