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Things to do in Canton

cantoncarSouth of Akron you will find the Ohio city of Canton. Ever since the founding of Canton back in the early 1800s the city has always been prosperous. The citizens of Canton were fast to adapt, quick to learn their strengths and always supplying something in demand.  Because of the multiple railroads that’s crossed through the city it made sense to build several manufacturing plants that could benefit from the quick, preexisting railways for trade and transportation. As the plants went up several thousand people transferred to the city for work and investment opportunities. The city prospered and the manufacturing plants continued to grow. One of the more interesting manufacturing plants that were established was the production of Half-track armored cars in the Diebold Safe and Lock Company automobile plant. The plant today is still in Canton and while you are in town you can stop by one of the numerous museums and learn more about the production of these interesting cars. These cars were shipped all over the world and were even used by President William McKinley who was from the area. The McKinley National Memorial stands today in Canton to remember the locally found President. As the use of railways decreased so did the decline of heavy manufacturing and the city grew with the industry and turned its trades to education, finance, and healthcare.

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A few more things in Canton

cantonparkEven though the railway isn’t as popular now as it was then you can stop by while you are in town and see the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. A once vital part of Canton’s growing economy still runs through this urban town today. The rail cars that run through here are diesel, electric, and steam powered. The railway runs through the breathtaking Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The word Cuyahoga comes from an Indian word meaning crooked river and as you fly through the park you will see the river amongst the mountains and valleys. This untouched landscape flows along the Cuyahoga River from Akron to Cleveland and further. This is the only national park in Ohio and it’s beauty is enough that only one is needed. A relaxing trip through the park is offered on the train as well as visitors are welcomed year round for hiking and camping.  Canton is famous for the Scenic Railroad as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum, the First Ladies National Historic Site and the other sites mentioned above. A great stop full of inspiring scenery and historic monuments Canton is a great place to visit.