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Carmel Water park When visiting Indiana I was surprised at how hot the summer got. I’m from Florida and used to heat but it got to me. Florida has moist heat but up in Indiana it was just dry. In the middle of the summer we tried to find something fun to do that wasn’t going to kill us from heat exhaustion and luckily we were in Carmel. I don’t mean in the candy but the city in Indiana. We ended up spending the day at Carmel Water Park. It wasn’t a huge park with tons and tons of slide but it had a small town feel that made for a relaxing day. We got some sun and enjoyed some few good thrills. The young kids loved the Zero depth pool and so did we. It was a place where we could sit down and not worry about the deep end. On vacations it’s often easy to forget to exercise. While enjoying the waterpark I was able to jump into their lap pool and get about 15 laps in. The older kids loved the park as well, who knew they would be able to surf in Indiana? Carmel Water Park has the first interactive surfing adventure in the great state of Indiana. Together we were also able to enjoy the two large water slides. Admission was great and cheap at just 10 bucks for adults and 6 for youth. The Carmel Water Park was a great surprise that gave us a cool taste of home while away.

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What to eat in Carmel

I haven’t found myself saying lets go to Bub’s very often. That’s because where I live our Bub isn’t anything like the one we found in Carmel Indiana. In Carmel Bub has 3 restaurants two locations that are Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream and then a third that is the Bub’s Café. Each one of these locations make great fresh food that can’t be found where else in the area. Bub’s is very inviting and their main locations in Carmel is built in a classic American home. It’s a pale yellow with dark green accents and a wraparound porch. The food I was very impressed with I was temped to try the “Big Ugly” but knew I wasn’t quite that hungry. The Big Ugly is a 1 pound burger after being cooked… Most pound burgers are only about 12 ounces once cooked but Bub takes that into consideration. It’s a huge burger and something that should not be taken lightly. I was feeling something a little lighter so I went with a deliciously grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich. It was fresh and never frozen the meat just came apart when I bit into it. When a place is named Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream you can’t leave without getting at least one scoop of the cold delicious desert. The Ice Cream brought me back to my child hood. The flavors were just simple yet good. Bub’s is a place that I would recommend for every one, passing by or staying for a while.