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Things to do in Carrollton

homesteadThe city of Carrollton had early starts just like many of the other Texas cities from early settlers. Cotton provided many of the profits of the early cash crops and with business booming the citizens had great beginnings. If you want a feel of what these early starts were like for the citizens of Carrollton you should go to the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum where you can live life as it was in the area at the turn of the 20th Century. A.W. and Sarah Perry were pioneer homesteaders of Peters Colony who came to Carrollton in the year 1844 from Carrollton, Illinois. It comes as no surprise then in home the city of Texas got its name. Trying to create their home, away from home they claimed 640 acres and built a house on this farm in 1857. In 1909 their son Dewitt Perry wanted a slightly better life for his family and tore down the first house and used some of the lumber to build the present day house. This grand structure served as a lifetime home for Dewitt and his family for years and years to come and today the structure is now a Museum. The home was fully restored in 1976 and even though today the foundation stones of the first Perry farmhouse in the backyard, this home was designated a historic landmark in 1977 by the Texas Historical Commission. Admission is free and you are more than welcome to dress up and sit in the grass with the other pioneer women and see if they will tell you about the daily chores, wash buckets, and sewing that need to be done. A blast from the past and an educational experience the museum in Carrollton is a hit with us.

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A few more things in Carrollton

candleAs if this all wasn’t enough the Carrollton is also home to the downtown Historic Center. Old Downtown Carrollton business owners along with other local supporters sponsor many events throughout the year to bring spice and entertainment to the old streets of the town. Walk around on Sip and Shop walking tour as you and a group of people take sips of wine and shop together. For a more family functional event you can go on the chocolate walk where the family can shop, entertain, and eat chocolate togehter. Sante Fe days offer Native American Artisit sharing their heritage and offering jewelry, pottery, and other artifacts for sale.This two day event will be both educational and fun. Around Halloween you can join the fall harvest days and join in the fun and have a day of family activities. Dress up in your Halloween Costumes. Trick or Treat the shops. Enjoy all the festivities of the day. Or you can head down for Christmas and enjoy the day of fun activities and whismical treats such as the sliegh rides and the candle light caroling. No matter what you want there is always something in the Carrolllton Square for your family.