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Things to do in Carson City

Navada State Musuem Carson City Nevada isn’t very famous except for the Las Vegas; at least that’s what I before I stopped an spent a few hours at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City. The name Carson City might ring a bell in the back of your mind and it will most defiantly ring a bell if you are a coin collector. Carson City is one of 6 state museum in Nevada and the Carson City location is in the old Carson City Mint. Carson City was a national Coin mint for many years. That makes coins made at the Carson City Mint a lot more valuable than coins made in other mints. The museum today is a great place to visit. It is filled with many artifacts of the past, as you might assume the main exhibits of the museum are the many items that still remain in the building from the time it was used as a mint. There are machines that were used to press the forever present outlines and faces into the little pieces of metal. There are cash registers from the past. The building itself is especially beautiful its quite old and it has recently been renovated and the renovations are beautiful and worth every penny. The Nevada State Museum in Carson City is a must see if traveling through the area.

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What to eat in Carson City

Adele’s restaurant and lounge There is nothing that says restaurant better than neon signs, bright red bricks, and a big white door. Adele’s restaurant and lounge in Carson City is one of the very best places to eat at in town. Adele’s has been right in the middle of Carson City for over 30 years opening it’s doors to the public in 1977. That’s one seasoned restaurant. Over the Years Adele’s has been able to gain trusts and friend ships with the local farms and even far away fishermen. Because of that Adele’s has been able to become almost completely sustained by local seafood, steaks, pasta, and lots of other local produce. Adele’s is open for all meals of the day. Starting out early at 7 am with a delicious breakfast than starting lunch at 11:30, and dinner at 5. Adele’s does stop serving lunch about 2:30 but before dinner don’t worry they will take care of you with a pizza and salad bar. You really can’t go wrong here, at Adele’s they server everything from black tie dinners to casual date nights. Bring the whole family or just bring a friend Adele’s is the perfect place in Carson City to eat. Lunches round out about 12 bucks which is a little high for some but the service is great. Dinner is little but more around out about 15-17 a plate.