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Things to do in Cary

Fred G. Bond Metro Park Cities are great but sometimes you just need to escape. Get out of the concrete jungle and into an area with more grass and dirt then concrete. Its hard to do that sometimes but in the town of Cary they have set aside three hundred and 10 acres of land and created the largest park in Wake County. They have turned it into one of the best attractions in the city. It has area’s for large festivals and concerts, yet still keeps nature first. There are over 4 miles of trails on the park that make it a great place for the jogger or biker. It will take you near likes and other vista that have a great view of the area. Cary is trying to promote health in kids and they have also added Athletic fields that can be used for sports like flag footballs, soccer, and lacrosse giving the club teams a place to compete and practice. If you have little ones and are looking for a play ground go no further there is a perfect one right in the park and it even has that nice squishy ground made from recycled tires. You don’t have to worry about your little boy falling and skidding his knees out here. If you like to skate board or like BMX there is also a great skate park that is open to the public check ahead and make sure there isn’t a event going on because it’s a popular sport in the area.

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What to eat in Cary

La Farm Bakery If there is one “right” way to start off a morning it would have to be with a warm fresh pastry. Pastries are one thing that the French did well and my wife and I have tasted a variety of them overseas. Its hard stateside to find a bakery that has the right “stuff” to compete with French pastries. In Cary however there is a little Gem of a bakery and café that can compete with anything found in France. It has a very simple name of La Farm Bakery the name simply means from the farm and that is how this authentic French Bakery got started. La Farm Gets all the ingredients that they can, straight from the farm. Fresh ingredients means fresh food. The Bakery also has a café and they service up a great menu. They open at 7am every day expect Sunday and have a delicious breakfast. My favorite thing for breakfast is their croissant breakfast sandwich, its served on a fresh croissant roll that was baked only a few hours earlier. The lunch menu has a selection of sandwiches and sours that stack up to what the super bakery Panera Bread gives their customers. There isn’t really a dinner menu but they continue to serve sandwiches and soups up into the late evening. Pricing is great and is about 6 to 7 bucks for a sandwich that is served fresh baked potato chips and a buttermilk ranch dip