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Things to do in Centreville

centrevilleSure to excite every guest is the National Firearms Museum in Centreville, Virginia. With 15 different themed galleries from the 1350s to the present. Start out at the exhibit that features some of the finest sporting arms in the world, this collection is the end result of the vision of the late Robert E. Petersen including guns owned by John F. Kennedy, Annie Oakley, Robert Stack, Julian Hatcher, Hermann Goering and Elmer Keith. In the Old Guns in a New World Exhibit you will see the transition between firearms of Old World and the new colonies as well as see the impact guns had on early American exploration. On the Road to American Liberty you can see the types of guns that were used to give American religious freedom from England. The Seeds of Greatness exhibit you can see the expression the founding fathers had on the Second Amendment. To see the arms used on the new frontier of Texas head to Prospering New Republic. There are entire exhibits dedicated to the Civil War and the guns surrounding it. The American West exhibit shows you how guns played important roles in pioneering the new frontier and hunting. When the industrial boom hit gun expansion and mass production hit big in America the New Prosperity exhibit gives hints of this. In the Age of Elegance you can see exact replicas of Theodore Roosevelt’s collections. See the involvement of American guns when the World was at War through World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. See the spectacular exhibit of guns through Hollywood. As you walk through the 15 galleries and explore the 2,700 firearms on display you will be reminded that guns hold a unique place in American history.

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A few more things in Centreville

centreWhile you are in Centreville stop by the Claude Moore Colonial Farm when you visit the farm you will be stepping back in time to where people and places were much simpler. When you are at the farm you are transferred into the year 1771 frozen in place. The farm is not just a change of appearances but an actual change in the way life is lived and work is done. At the farm the clothes, tools, crops, buildings and labors have been recreated to show how life was in 1771. Colonial Virginia was a different time and this farm is not your average attraction it does not focus on one particular event or person rather the farm itself stands as an education resource into life lived in the past. Life on the farm is simple and laborious in a time where work was done by hand and entertainment was created by imagination. The farm offers many different events from Farm Skill days where you can learn hands on farming skills. There are also market days where you are submerged into life when the community comes together in celebration. If you are feeling up to it you are welcome to live with the community for a few days and learn what life is like without a smart phone. A unique experience awaits you in Centreville and for a fun time stop by while you are in town to explore and appreciate the past.