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Rawhide Steakhouse There is one thing that comes to mind when you say out west and that is Cowboys. In Arizona Cowboys are a part of their history and the are is perfect raising cattle. But what about the old days where the land was ruled by the man with the quickest draw of this 6 shooter? Well in Chandler Arizona you can take a rip to Rawhide which is a Western Town and Steakhouse. Rawhide is a great place to come for a day or just for night and catch a great dinner. The steakhouse is one of my favorite places to eat in Chandler, it just puts out great food every time I go. Their steaks are cooked to order and each and everyone comes with the Rawhide brand on it. It doesn’t add much for the flavor but it’s a great touch and makes the steaks unique to Rawhide. Catch great western food like a slow cooked prime rib, tender porterhouse, and even a great side of grilled asparagus and red potato’s. The steakhouse is open 5 nights a week from Wednesday to Saturday, and open from 5-9:30. The steakhouse doesn’t just serve steaks and prime rib, do to popular depand the executive chef was brought back what can only be described as the Trail boss which is a combination place of the best finger licking good BBQ in the area. After dinner be sure to stop in at Margarita Pete for some delicious creations or the Ice Cream Shop and finish the night off with satisfying your sweet tooth.

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What to explore in Chandler

Six Gun Theater Why dinner is all well in good at Rawhide the real attraction is the town. Rawhide is a beautiful replica town that is many attractions for guests to enjoy. Start off with watching all nine of the great six gun theater live shows. The Roughriders are the actors and get their names because they do all their own stunts. Some of the shows include hits like “A Wanted Man in Rawhide”, “Legend of Martin Isaacs the Gunfight”, “the great Rawhide Bank Robbery, “Trail of Billy the Kid”, and a few others they are all great and worth making the time to see. If you are looking for something a little more humorous then be sure to check out the show times for Shoot to Thrill with J.P. Sage. J.P. is a gun spinning trick shot expert, he will dazzle you with the shots he is able to make and fill you day with lots of laughter. If you want a little more activity in your day then for the kids send them on a Burro ride as they are able to jump on the back of a Donkey and take a ride across town. If riding animals isn’t your deal then just take a quick trip over to the petting zoo where you can love on some animals. Lets say you don’t like animals at all. Well that’s ok too because there is still lots to do such as (fool’s) gold, taking a climb up the rock well, or a ride on the butterflied state coach. In every group that come to Rawhide there is someone who wants to ride the buckin’ mechanical bull named the Widowmaker.