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Carolina Basket Ball Museum Basketball is a great sport its not considered to be as American as baseball but it is every bit as big. Today there are many basketball teams around the US and every high school, middle school, and college have a team. In Chapel Hill there is a wonder little museum that has dedicated its grounds to preserving the history of Basket Ball. Now when you enter you might see that they are little biased towards history involving the Tar Heels but after all you are right in their stomping grounds. If you like basket ball in least it is a bust see it only take about an hour and a half to go through but there are lot of fun and interesting facts to learn. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 4 and on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Hours change during the holiday season so its best to call or look at the website to make sure its open before making a drive. The Carolina Basket Ball Museum is wonder play that has received mentions from the local new about the many things it has to offer. One example is the Imax-esque theater. The theater features a 6 minute file that shows just a little glimpse of how life and basketball get a long in North Carolina. It’s a wonder experience and if you are in the area its worth the time.

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What to eat in Chapel Hill

Il Palio When you travel a lot chain restaurants just get boring. I like to try and support as many local businesses. I like to know that my money is going to support a family and not just a large corporation overseas. While in the Chapel Hill area I was told I just have to eat at Il Palio before I go out of town. I wasn’t sure at first because it was in a hotel but I am sure happy I gave it a shot. Il Palio had some of the best food I’ve eaten in a long time. It was on the more expensive side of what I’m used to but it was delicious. Il Palio is open for every meal of the day but closed before meals so there are no early bid specials. Il Palio is ran by executive chef Adam Rose. He makes sure that everything is perfect before leaving the kitchen and only serves the freshest ingredients that come from the local farms and markets. The menu changes seasonally as well to keep up with what is fresh and new. The food is all made fresh and the only thing that’s kept in the freezer are the beer kegs. Il Palio is perfect place for a special dinner, lunch, or breakfast. It is even a hit spot for a Sunday Bruch don’t’ miss out on the chance to enjoy this great food.