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Things to do in Chattanooga

Tennessee Aquarium   Fish are amazing creatures, living in an environment that we cannot survive in. While visiting Chattanooga you must stop in at the Tennessee Aquarium. This aquarium has the largest freshwater aquarium in the world. That is only a small portion of this amazing facility. Between the freshwater River journey building and the Ocean journey building it houses more than 12,000 animals. This animal count includes amphibians like frogs, birds like the Gentoo Penguin and even Ducks. There are many invertebrates like jellyfish, mammals like utters, reptiles such as the cute barking gecko(no affiliation to the Giaco gecko) and the vicious Alligator Snapper Turtle. There are also an abundance of you guessed it fish. The most noticeable are the Blue Catfish and sharks that are on display. The Tennessee Aquarium also offers something that almost no other aquarium has, a giant IMAX 3D theater. The theater has many great files to choose from obviously they all nature related with flicks like Born to Be Wild, Tornado Alley, The Last Reef, and To the Arctic all in 3D. Movies in 3D are cool but when they are 3 stories tall IMAX screen there is nothing better. Before you come to the aquarium make sure to check the show times, pricing for the moves are actually quite low at $10 for adults and $8.50 for kids that’s cheaper than most standard movies theaters today let alone a 3D IMAX showing. If combined with aquarium admission the price drops to just $6 for Adults and Children. The Tennessee Aquarium also offers a short riverboat cruise. The River George Explorer is a two hour cruse through some of Tennessee’s most brilliant waterways. Bundles for this great adventure are up for grabs to reduce the price.

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What to explore in Chattanooga

Lookout Mountain   Chattanooga has many great outdoor features that will be sure to fill a family vacation with lots of fun. Right outside of down town Chattanooga you will find Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain has 3 different attractions the first being Rock City sat atop a huge mountain rock city will give you a panoramic view of 7 different states. There are huge natural rock sepultures that give Rock City its name. Some of the city’s best features to keep an eye out for are a 1000 ton balancing rock, a 100-foot tall water fall, and a swinging bridge. The city is maintained with beautiful gardens that have over 400 different native flower types. After spending all the time in the sun exploring Rock City you will be ready to take a trip into Ruby Falls. Ruby falls is a must while in Chattanooga; it is one of the largest underground waterfalls being 145tall and over 1100 feet below the Peak of Lookout Mountain. This is the perfect place to sit down and relax it is always 58 degrees and never raining. Lookout Mountain has one last attraction the Incline Railway. This small feature is also a must see, or actually a bust ride. The Incline Railway is one of the world’s steepest passenger trains. It is known as “America’s Most Amazing Mile” the train travels down the side of Lookout Mountain at a staggering 72.7 degree incline. Admission to these attractions can be bought separately or together for a discount. Admission to all 3 parks comes in at $45.90 and $23.90 for children ages 3-12. Lookout mountain is a must see while you are in the Chattanooga area is it a special play that you can’t miss. These natural wonders will surly teach you and your family that nature has many things to offer and teach us.