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Things to do in Cheektowaga

cheektowaga Sometimes the important thing about a town is not really what is inside the town but what is close by the town. I grew up in one of these towns in Florida. It was about 25 minutes outside of Orlando. They call the commuter towns. That is because everyone that works drives out of town to work then back in to town to live. This also means there isn’t a lot to do in the town because everyone leaves to have fun. The town of Cheektowaga is also one of those towns it is just 10 minutes from the Canadian border and is not far from the much larger town of buffalo. The town also sports many great sites such as the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Despite what the names says it is actually inside the town of Cheektowaga and not inside the town of Buffalo. It threw me for the loop the first time I saw it. The Airport is actually quite a site. Unlike so many airports it was built to be beautiful, an airport is the first thing you see in a town if you fly in so its import for it to give visitors a good impression of the town. Cheektowaga has lots of great local shops to visit as well as all the attractions and shops in Buffalo not far away It’s a great town to visit.

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What to eat in Cheektowaga

Max's Classic American Grill It’s not often that you hear people complain about something being Classic, and that is what inspired me to try Max’s Classic American Grill. That and the fact that I was in the mood for a burger. If there is one thing that you can count on from American cuisine it is the burger. It’s a piece of American heritage that has been perfect time and time over the years. Max’s Grill did not let me down either their burger was just the right amount of greasiness with just the right lean meat. Now don’t get me wrong when I say grease I don’t mean the type that runs off a pizza but the type that is filled with flavor. Each and every burger is hand formed daily from a combination of lean and round ground beef. That enough about the burger, the atmosphere was also lots of fun. When you walked in it felt as if you went back in time a few decades but with a hint of modern flare. The booths were a dark wood with red seats, the bar was the same dark wood from floor to ceiling. It was just a beautiful establishment and a place that I will go to again if I ever find myself in the Cheektowaga area.