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Things to do in Chester

pennAfter two months of sailing across the ocean William Penn aboard the English ship “Welcome” arrived in Delaware. On a charter to discover Pennsylvania from King Charles II of England Penn started out on a two day trek to the only known settlement in at the time in Pennsylvania, Upland. After arriving in Upland Penn promptly renamed the territory after his homeland Chester England. At the time Chester was mostly a Quaker area with only 500 people. As soon as Penn landed the settlement began the town went to work doing making buildings they were use to having in England. The Hendrickson House was built in 1690 and today is the one of the only Swedish-American home left in existence. In 1742 the Chester Courthouse was built and today is a historic site left to visit today as a museum. Other nationally registered historic sites are the Chester Electric Company, the National Bank, the Chemistry building, and the Second street Bridge. The one site above all else that you should visit is the Penn Monument. This granite monument stands about 5 feet tall. The monument was paid for by the Historical society and was put up to mark the 200th anniversary of the landing. The middle of the monument is Penn’s coat of arms to signify the founder of the city. A truly historic town that balances the perfect level of old and new welcomes you in Chester.

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A few more things in Chester

railwayWhile in Chester jump back into history and take a ride along the West Chester Railroad. The relaxing railroad will remind you of a time where travel didn’t include a bumper to bumper commute on a highway. The 90 minute round trip starts off in Market Street where you can show up early and browse the stores and look along with the people. As you arrive in the village of Glen mills you will be care free and worry free. Next you will travel down Delaware County that back woods feel with have you relaxed and feeling far from home. There are historic stations the whole way through will show you the Westtown station, the art gallery, township park, the 19th century village at Cheyney, and Locksley Station. You will see sites like the oldest African American university, the oldest iron slitting mill, the Frazier Farmstead of the revolutionary war, and the Victorian station which stands today as a museum.