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Things to do in Cheyenne

cheyThere is plenty to be discovered here and Cheyenne and what better way to discover it all than the Cheyenne Street Railway Trolley. The cool trolley takes you through the town on an enchanting trip through town. These tours are fully narrated by professionals to give you a more in dept look into the city. Tours last 1 and ½ hours and leave about every hour and a half. Don’t worry about the weather, if it’s raining, snowing or sunny the trolleys are fully enclosed to give you optimal enjoyment. First stop at the Depot Museum and learn more about how the railway had such profound impressions in this city. Next the Nelson Museum of the West will give you a further look into the pioneer days and how the West was won. For more expansive history of Cheyenne stop at the Wyoming State Museum and lean about the state as a whole and Cheyenne’s part in it. The Capitol building is another famous stop on this tour where you can see the impressive state capitol. For a beautiful stop full of things for princesses see the Botanic Gardens right here is Cheyenne. There is also the Historic Governors’ Mansion which is a local favorite and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum. If you are in town during the season there is a Halloween Ghost Tour and a Christmas Light Tour as well. Come be enchanted by Cheyenne!

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A few more things in Cheyenne

cheyenneIf you happen to be in town during the Cheyenne Frontier Days you are in for a treat. Start your day off with a Pancake Breakfast downtown. Schedule a time and take the Behind the Chutes Tour in the city’s own Frontier Park. While you are in the park you will have the opportunity to enjoy a good ol’ fashion Rodeo. There is also the chance to walk through the Indian Village. While you are in the Indian Village walk next door and enjoy the Wild Horse Gulch. For all of the history buffs and can walk through the Old West Museum. Laugh with the kids at the Carnival as you ride the rides and play the games. At night there is a Concert that brings the whole town out for the show. The next morning it is like the whole tonight is reset and all new events are ready. Watch the parade go through the downtown area and enjoy the floats. There is also a lot of shopping to get done.. Western shopping that is! The downtown are will also offer carriage rides and trolley rides for families to do together. In the afternoon there is the Cheyenne Gunslingers Show and another Rodeo! Take the chance to explore the town and see State Capitol, Wyoming State Museum or Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. At night there will be an Old Fashioned Melodrama at the Historic Atlas Theater, downtown.