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Things to do in Clarksburg

waldomoreWhile you are in Clarksburg you should stop by the home of Waldo P. Goff. The home was built in the late 1830s and a glamorous home during its time. The home is called Waldomore and where the name came from is quite unique. Waldo Goff built the home for his loving wife Harriet Moore as you can probably guess the name is a merger of the two husband and wife Waldo and Moore gives you Waldomore. The home stayed in the family for several generations before it was donated to the city. The Waldomore was a very loved home so when they donated it they gave a condition that it must be used as either a Library or Museum.  The home was donated in 1930 and was used as the public library from 1931-1976. The library had continued to grow with the population and a new Library was added next door to the Waldomore. Just after it was donated the home was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It seemed only fit after this that the home be turned into a museum. Today while you are in the city you can stop by and walk through the museum and see the culture and history of Clarksburg in a beautiful home. Walk around the grounds and take a view pictures, take a picnic lunch and spend the day. Go next door and enjoy some time at the public library. Spend the day in Clarksburg and be surprised by the natural history that surrounds you.

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A few more things in Clarksburg

oakmoundWhile you are in Clarksburg if you would like to see something you don’t get the chance to see every day you should check out the Oak Mounds of Clarksburg. While the exact reason for the mound or the reason they were built is not entirely know they still exist. These mystifying were most probably built between 1 and 1000 BC by the people that inhabited the area at the time. The largest of these mounds is approximately 12 feet high and 60 feet in diameter. The mounds have never been completely excavated but it is theorized that the mounds are a place where several important prehistoric people have been buried. In 1969 part of a smaller mound was excavated and flint tools, pottery, and skeletal remains of two people were found all of which dated around 100 BC. Scientist hope to be able to further understand these mounds in the future. Come get in touch with a bit of the unknown while you are in Clarksburg.