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Museum Center at 5ivepoints   While visiting Cleveland Tennessee there will be many things to choose from but one of the best is the Museum Center at 5ivepoints. This historic museum is a must see it showcases the Ocoee District of southeast Tennessee. Established in 1999 the Museum Center at 5ive Points has been collecting artifacts and creating exhibits that showcase the areas rich history. The Ocoee Distract has a large impact from copper mining the museum has artifacts dating back to 1880. Many of the items were created to assist in the diverse copper mining industry. Some Items were those created from the copper like stoves, and items to assist on the railroads. Other items contained in the 5ivepoints museum high the great impact agriculture has had. The southeast Tennessee is great for Cotton, corn, and wheat. There are many antique tools that were used on farms before modern machinery came into play. No museum would be complete without exhibits on the settlement of the area. There are exhibits that show how the Ocoee region was very favorable for settlers there was rich soil to grow crops on and lots of river that could supply the fields with water and the resident’s drinking water. The Museum Center at 5ivepoints is a great stop in any visit to Cleveland Tennessee, admission is cheap at just $5 for adults, $4 for students and seniors, and free for children under 5. The Center is open Tuesday through Saturday 10-5 and welcomes all walk-ins.

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International Storytelling Center Apples are by far my favorite fruit and the best place to get them is right off the tree. Apple Valley Orchards has an amazing orchard that they love to show off. Better yet is the Apply Valley Bakery. Open July through December from 9-5 on most days this orchard will satisfy all of your apple needs. The Bakery offers everything apple at from apple fritters that came right out of the fryer. The have the best Cinnamon rolls in towns that have a special apple cinnamon filling. There are out of this world friend apple pie similar to those at a certain yellow arched fast food place, but with no contest. No bakery would be complete without a good old fashion apple stack cake. The stack cake is piled high reaching an astounding 6 inches. if you’re looking for something a little more flaky you can reach for an apple turnover. The Orchard has a wide variety of apples to choose from depending on the time in the season. In the early season you can find tasty Lodi, Red Free, Ginger Gold, and Gala apples. Mid-season be expecting Senshu, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious. The late season will bring Pink Lady, Granny Smith, and our favorite Fuji apples. The Apple Valley Orchard is an astounding place to visit and to get the best apples available.