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Hill Crest Park Zoo I don’t know about you but I can’t pass up the opportunity to see a baby tiger. I don’t know of many people who would pass up the chance to come face to face with a 7 month old Bengal Tiger. Rock Sooner by name is a new member to the Hill Crest Park Zoon in Hill Crest New Mexico. Rocky is a playful tiger that is interested in everyone and everything around him. Although now he is too old for guests to interact with him he is still a joy to watch. If its feeding time guests can get the opportunity to see his powerful teeth work over a chuck of meet. He has lots of play towns in his home include a big blue slide that he loves to lounge in as well as push around the grass. The Hillcrest Zoo website is filled with videos of Rocky playing around the slide and even one or two of him smacking his head unexpectedly when he stepped on the wrong side of the slide. The zoo is always expanding and also has another new baby in the zoo and that is small baby giraffe. Born in January of this year it is under a year old. The little guy is fun to watch walk around as he is still not all coordinated. Its hard to thing that the 4-5 food baby will grow to be some 20 feet plus tall. The zoo is open to the public Tuesday from Sunday. Tickets are $1.50 for kids under 11, and 3 bucks for everyone 12-60. If you happen to be 60 or up you can get in for just $2.50.

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What to eat in Clovis

Dakota’s Steakhouse There isn’t very many type of food that gets me as crazy as a good steak does. Ill drive a long while out of my way to get a good steak cooked and served to me. While traveling through Hillcrest I didn’t have to go too far out of my way before I found Dakota’s Steakhouse. This was a steakhouse and the food was well stakehouseish. Don’t get me wrong, with I say it like that all I’m saying is that the dishes were cooked and care and most of them are centered around a good old fashion steak. Too many times nowadays food ends up having soy substitutes or artificial meat. I just have to say that is not the case here at Dakota’s Steakhouse. Each piece of meat is hand selected after our food was served the chef came out and was kind enough to ask how everything was. I was even able to ask him a few more questions about the place and he was more then happy to answer my questions. One of which was if they had any problems with copy write and outback. They happen to have an item on their menu named Dakota’s Blossoming Onion which pays a fair resemblance to Outback’s blooming onion. I don’t seen anything wrong with it as it tasted very delicious it was just something I was carious with and he said there hadn’t been any run-ins as of yet. Dakota’s was a great place to eat dinner and I would sure try it again for dinner given the chance.