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Things to do in Columbia

Riverbanks Zoo  Columbia South Carolina is home to the RiverBanks Zoo and garden. The Riverbanks zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Columbia and for good reason. The Zo0 houses more then 2,000 animals and has move than 350 different species from around the world. These animals are spared over 9 different areas being the African Plains, Aquarium Reptile Complex, Australian Animals, Birdhouse at Riverbanks, Large Mammals, Lemur Island, Ndokie Forest, Riverbanks Conservation Outpost, and Riverbanks farm. Admission to Riverbanks is low for a zoo of its size, children 3-12 get in for $9.25, adults for $11.75, and seniors or military get in for $10.75. Riverbanks is open from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week. With admission to the Riverbanks zoo access to the Botanical Garden is also given. HGTV named the Riverbanks Botanical Garden as one of the 20 great public gardens across America. Just like the Zoo the Botanical Garden also is crafted into specific areas, these are the Bog garden, dry, Old Rose, Shade, and Walled Garden. The Botanical garden is an experience that has to be witnessed it starts in the parking lot as soon as you get out of your car, the parking lot is the dry garden which is has drought resistant plants. Once inside you get pushed into the lush bog garden which has waterfalls and plants that love to be covered with water. Perhaps the most notable area of the garden is the Walled Garden, consisting of 34,000 square feet the garden is a maze of seasonal plays and you will be enveloped in. My favorite was the midnight garden, an area which all of the plants glow with the moon light. Its best to see during a full moon as it glows the brightest.

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What to explore in Columbia

EdVenture   EdVenture in Columbia is the South's Largest Children's Museum at just $9.50 for admission is is an adventure for the whole family. The Centerpiece of EdVenture is EDDIE, who is a 40-foot tall child weighing in at 17 and a half tons. That makes him the largest child in the world. Eddie helps kids to explore their body and learn how their heart, brain, and vertebrates are all connected. After exploring the giant kid named EDDIE children can explore the world of work. The World of Work is where kids can learn about how a society is intertwined and everyone is important. Kids can be learn about farmers, mechanics, firefighters, scientists, and even builders. Be sure to visit Dalmatian Station as it teaches kids the importance of fire safety. There is a real 24-foot long fire truck where kids can become the chief and manage its crew. After learning about fire safety is is also important to learn about sarving energy. With electric cars and everything being energy efficient it is important to be up to date. Right outside of Dalmatian Station you will find The Great Outdoor through the use of a 30-foot energy tower it teaches kids how energy works like solar panels. Kids will learn how much more energy an incandescent light bulb takes compared to a florescent. Children will also get the opportunity to learn about pollution in a down river environment. Finally you will want to take your kids to the Aha Factory, kids can glue, glitter, and take it home. The Aha Factory Kids can work with crafts and make cool items to take home and display on the fridge.