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Chief Whitehorse's Trail Rides Just because a town is small doesn’t mean that they don’t have a lot to give. The city of Conway has a spot that has been around for 20 years, it’s a time proven attraction that people love. In Pinnacle Mountain State Park you can find Chief Whitehorse’s Trail Rides. Chief Whitehorse is a great team of people who love to help others enjoy the Arkansas land on horse back the way it should be. Chief Whitehorse is one of the oldest trail guides in the area and has some very beautiful paths that it takes. This year will be Chief Whitehorse’s 20th season of tail rides. This year is also great because they are starting to explore a brand new trail that runs along a small river. Each ride is a hour long and the price is at $25.00 a person, if you up for a early bird discount get there by 8:30am and get in for just $23.50. The early bird time is often the most beautiful time to ride. All are welcome on the trail rides and no experience is required. The experienced trail guides will teach you all that you need to know. Chief Whitehorse Trail rides is a great place to being the family, its fun, exciting, and you get to see all the great Arkansas scenery.

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Mike's Place I just love a good local restaurant, I will take the local non-chain restaurant over and over again before I break down and go to a chain. You might think that don’t like big companies and its not that, its just that local restaurants give you local food. Small local restaurants aren’t controlled by large corporations that have deals and get their food shipped in from over seas. Local eatery’s can get food straight from local providers and that’s what I love. Local fresh food is always the best and that’s all that Mike’s Place serves. Mike’s Place serves seafood, steaks, and makes the best Wood Fire Pizza you can get. Mike’s gets all the ingredients that they can from local markets and vendors. The majority of heir seafood comes right from the Golf of Mexico and what they can’t get from the Golf is wild caught fish, Mike’s doesn’t serve farmed raced seafood. Each and everyone of Mike’s steaks are hand cut daily and from only the freshest premium make the cuts. The Steaks are a great part of any meal each has a large portion with a 14oz rib eye or New York Strip, they are just perfect for a full meal its paired with a baked potato and salad for just $25.95 a very competitive price for a steak of such high quality.