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Union Pacific Railway Museum I don’t know how many times I’ve seen signs or advertisements for a railway museum for it to end up being a flop in the end. Often times they are just a small collection of train cars outside that you can walk through and see some history. That however was not the case when I found the Union Pacific Railway Museum in Council Bluffs Iowa. This museum is actually the oldest corporate collection of rail way artifacts in the nation. This isn’t the small town museum but is ran by Union Pacific itself. This makes for a great collection that is cared for and gets first pick on old historical artifacts from Union Pacific. The museum itself is in a beautiful building that has spared no expense in its design. Its designed to be a simple yet elegant rail way station. Entering it brings guests back to a time past. The museum also focuses on what Union Pacific is doing today. The new advances that the trains systems are taking. It focuses on how America still uses trains as a major form of transportation. I especially liked this museum because it wasn’t just full of fluff. There was actually facts to learn and history to see. I had to read or talk with a museum caretaker to find out what artifact was or came from. The kids loved the Union Pacific Railway Museum as well there was lots of interactive hands on things to do and they could even jump on and explore a big red caboose.

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What to eat in Council Bluffs

Dixie Quick's I love trying new restaurants, sometimes it can be a little risky based on the location of the restaurant in question but most of the time its worth the risks. Local restaurants that are the local hotspots are the best. Local restaurants are able to cook using the very best ingredients because they are not pressured by large cooperate Ceo’s to buy in bulk and save. While in Council Bluffs right outside of Omaha I was able to find Dixie Quick’s. I actually went twice, the first time I didn’t relies how busy it was so I was forced to make a reservation to come back the next day. I wasn’t depressed though because I could small the kitchen from the front doors and it smelt delicious. The hostess was kind enough to point me to another local favorite. It obviously wasn’t as good or I would be writing this about Lansky’s Pizza. Dixie Quick’s is a well established restaurant that has even earned its time on national television with 8 minutes of fame on Diner, Drive-in, and Dives. Dixie Quick’s is a small establishment with limited seating and it is almost always packed. Just showing up can be risky and often lead to no seating. The food is what makes everything so amazing. The owner is well traveled and has created his own blend of cuisine that is a blend of Southern cooking with Cajun, Tex-Mex and Southwest elements through in. Another way to put it is that Dixie Quick’s is “comfort food and Darn Good Flavors”