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Things to do in Cranston

Mulligan's Island If you find yourself in Cranston Rhode Island with not much to do then don’t worry Mulligan’s Island can keep you busy for hours at a time. This family run family attraction is popular with the locals and tourists alike. There is a lot to do outside and will keep the whole family active. There is a mini golf course that has challenging holes and has a very creative jungle theme. Going on with gold there is also a pitch & putt curse and a par 3 gold course. The pitch & putt was new to me but lots of fun. All you need is a putter and a pitching wedge to get on with your game. It’s a small golf course that is bigger then a putt putt course each of the 18 holes are about 40 years long and you need to first use the wedge to drive your ball as close to the hole as you can then putt your way home its lots of fun. The Par 3 course is a little more challenging as it has a few water hazards, trees, and bunkers that you need to watch out for but each of these 9 holes average about 130 yards and are a great place to learn the game. Mulligan’s has clubs available to guests to use on all 3 courses and if golfing isn’t your pace then just hit up the battling cages instead. You can choose from slow and fast pitch softball as well as a verity of baseball speeds.

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What to eat in Cranston

Edgewood Cafe In the center of Cranston there are a lot of different food places to choose from. You can play it safe and go to one of the “usual” chain restaurant or you could roll your dice and see how one of the local eatery’s are treating their guests. I prefer to eat at the local places as often as I can. There is nothing better then finding a restaurant where the chef loves to make food and see the faces of his guests while they are eating his food. There is a little café in Cranston that makes very exceptional food and that is the Edgewood Café. Only open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 5-9. It is family owned and operated and also currently runs on a BYOB policy as liquor licenses are expensive. That only makes the café better because it really gives the café a family atmosphere. Its dinning area is small but when its filled with the right people it is a lot of fun. They offer a verity of casual gourmet food my personal favorite is the Fish ‘N’ Chips. Its cooked very fresh and they can only get fresh food in on Wednesday and Friday so it’s the only days its offered. It however is worth it, lightly beer battered and comes with a malt vinegar aioli.