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Things to do in Cuyahoga Falls

cuyahogafallsEven though the railway isn’t as popular now as it was then you can stop by while you are in town and see the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. A once vital part of Cuyahoga Falls’s growing economy still runs through this urban town today. The rail cars that run through here are diesel, electric, and steam powered. The railway runs through the breathtaking Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The word Cuyahoga comes from an Indian word meaning crooked river and as you fly through the park you will see the river amongst the mountains and valleys. This untouched landscape flows along the Cuyahoga River from Akron to Cleveland and further. This is the only national park in Ohio and it’s beauty is enough that only one is needed. A relaxing trip through the park is offered on the train as well as visitors are welcomed year round for hiking and camping.  Cuyahoga Falls is famous for the Scenic Railroad as that passes through this national treasure that is so grand the whole city is named after it.

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A few more things in Cuyahoga Falls

marycaveBack in 1700s Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio was a place of constant turmoil between the Europeans and native Indians.  As a brash act of retaliation from the Indians they kidnapped twelve year old Mary Campbell was taken from her home. The same year that she was taken (1759) the Indians were forced from the land and had to find new places to call home. The Indians traveled to the waterfalls of Cuyahoga because of the prosperous land. In the sandstone cliffs near the falls a small cavity had been formed over time by water passing through the stone. The erosion of the stone over time left a shelf like level underneath the stone. This shelf provided permanent protection from the weather and hid them from the enemies. This cave was the home of Mary Campbell as she lived in harmony with the Indians for five years before she was returned to her home.  Today the Mary Campbell Cave which is also known as the Old Maid’s Kitchen is available to view. Take a relaxing nature trail through the woods and find the plaque that tells the tale of Mary Campbell. Take pictures with the cave and pack a picnic enjoy your day in Cuyahoga Falls.