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Figge Art Museum in Davenport Davenport is the fifth largest city in Iowa, located in the center of the state and to the north of Iowa River. It is home to the University of Iowa. Tourists visiting the city go to Museum of Art and Archaeology, an art museum of the University of Iowa. The museum was founded in 1957 as the study collection for Art History and Archaeology. The museum has a large selection of permanent collection as well as temporary collection. The exhibits include more than 14,000 permanent works of art and archaeological objects that are displayed in five galleries. The collection varied in objects from Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern art works and artifacts. The museum is open six days a week with no admission fee. Another popular tourist destination in Davenport is Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. It is a 2,272-acre state park that attracts hikers and nature lovers to the city. Visitors can walk, jog, hike and bicycle through this beautiful state park. The park features some of the most popular trails for hiking in Iowa. The park also has a large cave system including a rock bridge, a spring, sinkholes and an underground stream. The boardwalk over the rock bridge will lead you to the Devil’s Icebox, a cave and a double sinkhole that offers visitors the view of the underground stream. The cave is also the home to many endangered gray bats in the summer that used the place to give birth to the baby bats. Visitors can follow the stream surrounded by forested hills as the walk around the park. The park also has picnic area for visitor and a playground for kids.

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A few more things in Davenport

Davenport Vander Veer Botanical ParkThere are more to do in Davenport for people who like travelling and explore new things. Davenport offers a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Experience a romantic dinner with someone special or a family dinner with the whole family in a unique way inside The Davenport Star Dinner Train. The Dinner Train offers exquisite dining featuring four course meals as it travels through the Davenport countryside. As you board this 1930 vintage train you will be amazed to see the interior decoration of the train and feel as if it’s the blast from the past or you may have traveled to 1930s in a time machine. The interior is decorated with white linen, fine china and candle light to ensure that the guests have great time. As the train starts to move, guests are severed with delicious appetizers, drinks and freshly prepared four course meal. All the foods are prepared by a chef right on the train. The train is pulled by 1950’s streamlined passenger locomotives. The train trip is about 30 miles round trip to Centralia, Iowa and the whole journey takes about 3 hours. While you are enjoying the chef prepared gourmet meal, you can look out the window and witness the beauty of Iowa landscape as it roll by the window. You can book a private table if you like to experience private dinner moment. The Dinner Train host special events. Celebrate New Year Eve on the dinner train as the train departs at 8:30 PM and returns at 12:30 AM. Children Christmas Express is a special train ride where children will ride with Santa’s elves and they will read stories and sing Christmas carols with children. At the end of the trip, they can take pictures with Santa Clause and his elves. The Davenport Star Dinner Train offers evening dinner train trip all year round. Shryocks Callaway Farms is another family destination in Davenport. There are many activities available to visitors such as a life-sized corn maze and a hayride around the farm that are simply fun and exciting for people of all ages.