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Everglades Day Safari

Everglades Day Safari South Florida is a magnificent place to take a vacation and when you get there you will see that there are so many things to do and see. If you are looking for something to do for an entire day, we have the perfect suggestion for you, Everglades Day Safari. This is the perfect attraction when you want to do something in Davie, Florida and is the only full-day eco-tour of the glades right now. This part of the state is loaded with the most unique wildlife that live in one of the most interesting ecosystems in the world. The professional and knowledgeable staff will take you on a journey that you will never forget. When you start off on your tour, you will board your boat that will be piloted by a U.S. Coast Guard certified captain and you will take off out of the dock. Every tour provides an exciting day of exploration in the glades that includes visiting its four main ecosystems; the pine savannah, the sawgrass prairie, the cypress swamps and the mangrove estuary. These fabulous tours offer a magnificent airboat ride where you will be sure to see many alligators, and other wildlife, including beautiful birds; a relaxing boat cruise through the Everglades National Park that provides excellent opportunities to see manatees, sea turtles and dolphins, a culinary delight for lunch, a magnificent nature walk and wildlife drive in the Big Cypress Preserve. If you want to enjoy all the sights even moreso, then the best idea to explore the area and the city is to rent a car from Enterprise and take your time, enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine and environment.

Getting out there on the road does not have to be a hassle. Enterprise Rent a Car has a professional and courteous staff who's sole purpose is to get you past the counter and into your discount rental car in no time at all. Enterprise is here to help you get to where you need to go while you are on vacation.

Flamingo Gardens

Enterprise Car Rental Coupons, Flamingo GardensOne of the most exciting places to visit in Davie, Florida is Flamingo Gardens, a spectacular 60 acre estate that highlights some of the finest rare, native and exotic plants in the state, with outstanding Everglades wildlife and the fabulous Wray botanical collection that includes 16 Champion trees, the magnificent 1930s Wray home, as well as the Free Flight Aviary. The Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary houses interesting and beautiful displays of animals and birds, nurtured in an environment filled with the best that Florida has to offer. If you find yourself and your family needing some refreshments, the Flamingo Cafe offers excellent fare, while the local gift shop has excellent wildlife books, souvenirs and Florida gardening books. The gardens provide one of the finest eco-experiences in the Everglades, and an exciting and interesting day to learn and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Add to that magnificent flowering plants and shrubs that attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds, especially, the ruby throat hummingbird that visits the fabulous gardens during the winter. Their tropical plant house contains many splendid orchids and other unusual tropical plants that are sure to thrill the gardener in your family. Another marvelous garden is the xeriscape garden that provides excellent examples of all the tropical and exotic plants favored in the state, with a beautiful landscape that uses very little water. Perhaps the best way to travel the region and visit these outstanding sights, is to rent a vehicle of your choice at the Davie Enterprise location, listed above, for easy reference; and keep it for all your traveling needs, as there are many other wonderful places to see and visit while in the Davie, Florida area. You can find the most amazing coupons for car rentals right here on this site and you will not find a better deal anywhere on the web. Be sure that you check out all of our amazing special and discount rental car rates right here at