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Things to do in Dayton

daytonboonWelcome to Dayton, Ohio a small city with a big emphasis on learning, having fun, and getting the youth involved.  At the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery there is always something for you and your kids to get into. This place isn’t named the Museum of Discovery without good reasoning. For starts this is one of the only museums you’ve probably ever been to that has a animal zoo inside of it. Forget stuffed animals behind glass that museum lets you get up close and personal and meet many of the native species to Dayton. By being able to see these animals move around while still seeing interesting things like fossils and evolution of the animal species over time as the area changed you gain further appreciation for these animals and a better visual. For the smaller children the discovery museum offers a three story discovery tower that allows you to climb and explore it as you explore what cause and effect the exhibits inside of it have. Experience a great way to combine science and curiosity in to one large learning exhibit as you climb up the tree house and look for some birds in the aviation center. Head over to explore the universe as you get to look through telescopes, explore a floating model of the planet Earth and conduct hands-on science experiments. Everyone agrees that there is nothing quite as mystifying as the galaxies that surround us and this interactive hands on part of the museum truly gets you involved.  One of the coolest parts of the museum is the water museum where you can learn just how cool the properties of water are. Come learn new appreciation for the things that surround us everyday in the Boonshoft Museum of Discover right here in Dayton!

Time to get wild in Dayton there is so much to discover here a full day of fun awaits you in Dayton! Too make it even better Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering low rates for Dayton, Ohio residents. With this much to offer why wait? Make your reservation from home today.

A few more things in Dayton

daytonaullwoodDayton isn’t joking around when they say they want the youth involved and learning all the time. Dayton places an importance on the wonders that can be beheld outside and opens up its big backyard to all its visitors. At the Aullwood Center and Farm you can get in touch with nature as you explore this 350- acre nature sanctuary and all of its six beautiful miles of walking trails through the prairie, woods, ponds, and meadows. The acreage you will see is so beautiful you may want to stop off in one of the quite reflection and observation rooms that await you here. The property is also a fully functional working organic farm where you can go and explore all the great vegetation that grows here. Curious about the organic farming ? Stop off in the Farm Education Center and learn more about the livestock and gardens here and how everything comes together in one giant harmonious circle of life. For a walk on the lighter side just to enjoy nature stop by Aullwood Center and Farm because with views this good no one should wait.