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The Henry Ford Dearborn is really only known for one thing and that is The Henry Ford. Some of you might see a connection between Henry Ford and the car manufactory Ford that is still around today. Well the connection is true and in the little town of Dearborn is where the first Ford was born. The Henry Ford is a site that includes everything Ford. There is a beautiful museum that holds thousands of artifacts from the past, a village that has a model T that you can ride in and inside the village is also the original shop of the wright brothers. One of my favorite parks of The Henry Ford was taking a tour through the Ford Rouge Factory. This tour was only $12.50 a person and we were able to see the World’s bestselling truck the F-150 was built. It was amazing to see the assembly line in action. There were robots working alone and robots working side by side with human works. Truck after truck was being built part by part. We were lucky that we were able to visit on a production day. There are listed days on their website that show non production days but the dates do change depending on the demand of trucks. The Henry Ford has no control over the production dates but still will take you through a tour of the facility on non-production days. It was a great experience that was lots of fun for the whole family. The Village was large and filled with too many exciting exhibits to talk about here. You will have to visit and find out what else The Henry Ford has to offer for yourself.

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What to eat in Dearborn

Buddy's Pizza There is something about Pizza that keeps you wanting more. Even after you are full and you know you shouldn’t have another bite you still want more. I don’t know what it is but pizza is just a food that we come to time and time again. Pizza is also diverse, there is all sorts of different combinations that can be made. There is pan pizza, thin crust, Sicilian, and the classic hand tossed. Pizza can be cooked in a conventional over, a brick coal oven, or even a clay wood fired oven . It all depends on what you want and are looking for. Traveling through Dearborn Michigan I ran across Buddy’s Restaurant Pizzeria. Buddy’s has been cooking up classic pizzas since 1946 and has expanded to have 9 locations. This is the perfect size I think because they are very successful yet not pressured by corporate giants to cut costs and create cheap food. Buddy’s has been so successful because of their hard and dedicated staff I have never seen a staff be so happy to be at work and helping the customers. All the staff that we encountered greeted us with a guanine smile and a sincere how may I help you. The food was out of this world. The pizza was fresh and I could tell that the dough was made in house. It just had that light and fluffy felling that can’t be mimicked. Buddy’s is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner, its even a great place to call ahead and order a pizza to go.