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Scovill Zoo Zoos are some of my favorite places to go, especially when traveling. It is always exciting to go to a new town and see neat and exotic animals. While traveling through Decatur, Illinois I found the Scovill Zoo and decided to take a peek at what they have inside. I was not disappointed as this zoo was packed with many different species of animals that other zoos in the area did not have. The Scovill Zoo is open from August 20 – October 14 this year and is open to guests from 10 am to 5pm on the weekdays and open till 7 pm on the weekends. Admission is nice and cheap for the whole family, Adults get in for $5.25 and kids ages 2-12 get in for just $3.25. The zoo has more than just animals to enjoy the zoo sports a huge carousel and a Z.O. & O. Express train. I was able to enjoy these attractions with my kids for just about $2.50 apiece. The caracul is one of a kind and the animals are all hard crafted from wood and modeled after 30 unique endangered animals. The Express train is even more exciting than the Caracul the train is on a mile long track that takes guests behind the scenes to see animals from a different view and get to enjoy the knowledge of the train conductor as he narrates the journey. The aniamls at the Scovill Zoo are just amazing each and every one is beautiful and you can see cut little Red Pandas, or the bigger animals like the graceful chaeta.

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What to explore in Decatur

Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe Decatur is such a beautiful city downtown is filled with brick crafted buildings and many are over 100 years old. A couple by the name of Ken and Kelly Wingard took one of those 100 year old building along the beautiful street of West main and created the Wildflour Artisan bakery & Café. The building that the Wingards choose is from around 1880 and was the Original YMCA in Decatur. After many years the building was used as a Antique store until it was bought and turned into the bakery it is today. As you open the doors you will notice 2 things. The first is the wonderful warm smell of freshly baked goods. The second thing guests notice is the beautiful artwork stained glass that has managed to survive with the building. That the building but what about the bakery, the couple created Wildflour after selling their goods at the local market and noticing an over powering demand for delicious and fresh baked goods. Wildflour practices what is called clean label backing which bring baking back to the basics. You will find no preservatives or artificial flavoring inside their walls or in their food. It’s one hundred perfect natural and delicious. There is many different types of breads baked fresh daily like Baguette, Ciabatta, herb focaccia, multi-grain load, and even Paesano. Paesano is also known as Peasant bread because of its simple design it is cheap but delicious and makes a great sandwiches or toast.