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Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

Delray Beach Discount Car Rentals Sitting in the prestigious county of Palm Beach, Florida, the Morikami Museum and Japanese gardens has become a center for Japanese arts and culture in the city of Delray Beach occupying two outstanding structures, the Roji-en Japanese Gardens: Garden of the Drops of Dew, the Cornell Cafe, which has been featured on the Food Network, the gift shop and a beautiful bonzai garden. Both buildings host rotating displays, as well as demonstrations, with the main building hosting tea classes and ceremonies. During the year, the center hosts numerous Japanese festivals, as well as numerous other venues that bring visitors here from around the world and community. The park and its museum were named after George Morikami, a Japanese native of Miyazu, who had donated his farm to Palm Beach county so that it could be used for a park setting, with the marvelous museum opening in 1977 in the structure called the Yamato-kan, with the main building opening in 1993, that also saw the creation of the Roji-en gardens. There are six distinctive gardens that have been inspired by the various historical periods and styles of Japanese gardening. The attraction has traditional and contemporary Japanese cultural displays showcased by their exhibits, educational programs, Pan-Asian cuisine, seasonal events, the unique museum gift shop and the fabulous bonzai trees. It is a spectacular destination for visitors from around the nation, state and world, giving many folks the opportunity to enjoy and explore the culture, cuisine and aesthetics of such a fantastic country. The very best way to travel around the city and its many attractions is to rent a car or other type of vehicle at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car sites, located throughout the city, giving you a better handle on where and when you want to travel, eat or stop to look at the most magnificent sunrises in the United States.

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Atlantic Dunes Park

Delray Beach Discount Car RentalsThe Atlantic Dunes Park sits on a wooded area that is higher than the landscape around it, next to A1A, about a block north of Linton Blvd. in Delray Beach, Florida, with lifeguards supervised by the Ocean Rescue Division, with a marvelous boardwalk and outstanding nature trail, with picnic tables, public restrooms and a sheltered pavilion, as well as metered parking. The beach is considered to be one of the most serene in the south Florida region, with handicapped parking available for those with wheelchairs, and accessible restrooms and pavilion. The beach is considered to be quite small, compared to the many huge beaches with miles of sandy dunes and grassy areas, but does have a quiet calmness about it that brings local visitors and the community here to enjoy the tranquil waters, definitely far enough away from surfers, fishermen and others that might cause some disruption for you and your children, depending on their ages. It is one of those local beaches, preferred by the locals, because they don't allow kites, surfboards, skim boarding, pets, fires, alcohol and positively no surfing in the swimming zones. It is a great place to bring the smaller children, or those that have never been to the ocean, giving them the perfect place to start out, learning about the waves, tides and currents that can become more dangerous during stormy days. The rip currents found in Florida can be very daunting to many people, with some, who consider themselves to be excellent swimmers, having a difficult time when caught in one of those terrible currents that could drag you out to sea or under the water. But this area is relatively free from the majority of those events, with high rising hotels around the remainder of the beach, so you will have plenty of room to swim and enjoy the balmy weather. If you decide you might need transportation while traveling in the city and around the area, famous for many attractions and the Everglades, be sure to check out Enterprise Rental Cars that offer the best car deals in the city and have them already listed for you above.