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Things to do in Denton

gownAs you walk around Denton Texas you will be overwhelmed with the charm and excitement of this sleepy city. Denton has grown with the rest of the world, industrializing itself, making sky rises, and urbanizing. When you look closer hidden in the corners and standing in the mist of the businesses you will find glimpse of a strong rich history in the architecture everywhere. What better way to sample a city then to take in a bit of all of it. Take in the history, the shopping, grab a meal, and explore the downtown square. Whether you only have half a day or a full day the city offers tours to let you sample the best of the best. As you start off in the historic downtown section you will tour the Bayless-Shelby House Museum. This 1880s home tells of old farming history and life of Denton County before the economy hit and the building were build with machines. Walk around the property and admire the Victorian charm. Next prepare to head to the African-American Museum as you learn the important part to African Americans played in the rich history of Texas. Enough with the museums and bring on the shopping. The Historic Downtown Denton offers shopping for everyone.  Take home some antiques, a few collectables, and maybe something so bizarre you can’t leave it behind. Enjoy the sights and the shopping and make sure to grab a bite to eat at the many award winning restaurants before the last leg of the tour. Last but not least head to the Texas First Ladies Historic Costume Collection. Located in Texas Woman’s University you will get to explore the mesmerizing collection of more than 40 gowns. Included are gowns of prominent Texans' wives, including those of U.S. Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and George H.W. Bush.

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A few more things in Dentoncourt

While in Denton you cannot miss the large Courthouse that sits in the center of the town. One of the longest lasting landmarks of Denton also stands as the most breathtaking. The building was built in 1895 and was built using local Texas limestone. The building that once stood as a center of justice today simply stands as an open to the public museum. Located in the historic downtown square of Denton the square will transfer you into a different time when things were easier and beauty could shine through with simple elegance. Denton County recently built a newer courthouse that offered the modern day luxuries.  The museum offers Hispanic and African American history as well as many exhibits that offer glimpses into the past..