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Things to do in Duluth

Aerial Bridge There is one thing that you have to see while visiting Duluth and that is the Aerial lift Bridge. Created over a century ago between the years of 1904 and 1905. The life bridge was created to fix the problem of crossing the cannel. The bridge was a work of modern engineering before it was created the island across the channel was only accusable by ferry it and it was a long process. After the bridge was created it could transport 125,000 pounds at once and it only took a single minute to cross the cannel. The ferry bridge was a great invention because it allowed boats to still freely cross the river between the gondola. Today the bridge is all new a site to be seen the new bridge was created in 1929 and is still used to this day. Its owned by the city of Duluth. The new bridge is little different than the first instead of a gondola transporting the load instead it goes up and over the bridge it’s a great place to stop. Its one of the only bridges of its type and a marvel to see, it doesn’t take long and you are sure to see a ship float past.

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What to eat in Duluth

Pescara When traveling I like to get off the highways and take a chance to see the back roads of the states. To see the small towns and not just the side of the highways. I love the small café’s and the mom and pop restaurants that have sprung up all over the nation. One of those places that I found was along the North Shore of Lake Superior between Duluth and Two Harbors. The New Scenic Café is a beautiful little café that makes the most delicious food. The little Café give off a Cozy charming atmosphere from the from and once you enter you can see the gorgeous garden outside that is the foundation of the café. The New Scenic Café was create in 1999 and has grown since the day it was opened its open daily from 11 am and serves a large array of delicious meals. Unlike in Florida where I live the seasons in Minnesota change throughout the year. Much like those seasons the menu at the New Scenic Café changes during the year. The café takes advantage of these seasons by offer fresh fruits and foods that are in season. Wines and beers that complement them to create a meal that you will not quickly forget. The New Scenic Café is not a chain restaurant and because of that you will have personal service and will leave wanting to try more.