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fairmountNo vacation is complete without stopping by a famous cemetery. The Fairmount Cemetery is not only famous but it is also a breathtaking site that includes more thousands of graves and plenty of history. The cemetery stretches over 150 acres and is styled in the Victorian fashion with huge memorial, crown molding, and so much more to offer. In the 1800s it became theorized that the dead bodies, even while buried, where the cause of the wildly spreading yellow fever. Because the current cemetery was in the center of the city they had it moved west as an attempt to calm fears and spreading of the disease. One of the first burials here was one of the most brave and sad burials known to this plot. A woman named Clara Maass gave her life to scientist at the time and let them infect her with the yellow fever so that they could study it. This martyr can be found today along with other upstanding turn of the century citizens. Most of the familes buried here are German decent as that was the main people of the town at the time. The cemetery itself offers a Civil War memorial and fully restored zinc Settlers’ monument to recognize the people of the town who helped make a stand to provide to the city what it is today. Walk along the large trees, rolling hills, and carved monuments and discover the beauty of the cemetery.

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A few more things in East Orange

jerseyWhat child doesn’t what his or her own opportunity to kick back, relax, and do something just for kids on a vacation? While in East Orange some visit the Jersey Explore Children’s Museum and let your kids use their excitement and natural intrigue to explore the wonders of science. Curiosity is a great thing when it is put into an environment where kids can apply it to things like history, gravity, and exploring. A great example of kids giving back to kids this building was built by the New Jersey Youth Corps to provide opportunities and learning to these kids to help prevent them from traveling down a road of troubled futures like they did. At the museum your kids will have the walk the halls of Vietnam memories in a traveling museum program that brings these artifacts to life on a level that kids pay attention to. In the Page Theater children have the opportunity to enjoy a unique storytelling adventure as one of the staff members that them through a journey of princesses and dragons. There is a two story tomb of an ancient Egyptian King that allows kids to travel through using curiosity to grow and learn as they discover what knob does what. Similar to the tomb is a three level spaceship that lets your kids think they are taking off into space as the travel the ship. A few other places to explore are the Explorer’s mountain and Scienceworks where kids learn hands on what fun things science can do. A great stop in any vacation the Children’ Museum await you.