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Things to do in Easton

crayolaWelcome to Easton a city with flowing river, sprawling mountains, and Crayola Crayons! Easton is home to the Crayola factory which puts out millions of crayons each and every year. Discover the visitor center which offers a fun filled day for you and your family. Start off in the How it’s Made exhibit and watch the wonder of how wax, color, and a touch of magic come together to make the fun crayons we all have come to love. As you get you souvenir marker head off to the Crayola Chronology were you can walk along history and see how the company has come to be the wonderful creation it is today. Over in Dry E Racecar where you can color your own miniature racecar using Dry Erase crayons. Next in the photo booth you can be the star of your own coloring page! Be the star and create your own coloring page where you can color yourself in whatever scene you desire. In the Scribble Sea you can color all over the walls! There are no rules in this crazy house pick a color, pick a wall and have fun like you only can on vacation. The Cool Moves room lets you make art with a kaleidoscope feature that lets your body reflect light on the walls in colors only crayola can create. In Crayola After Dark you can paint in the dark with the light wands in this giant room of a glow station. Create your own masterpiece using stampers, rollers, brushes, and make your own project to take home and call your own.  Take yourself out to the sidewalk rooms and draw with crayola chalk in a way that makes you feel like a kid again. Use Crayola Model Magic material to make your own creation that will let you use your own methods of discovery to create what you want. Last but not least go to the Meltdown exhibit you can explore painting with melted wax..Draw with a crayon before it’s even formed. Sure to give you a full day jam packed with fun head to the Crayola Center.

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A few more things in Easton

farmersWelcome to America’s longest continuous running open air market. As soon as the city was founded the Easton Farmers Market was founded as well. Up and running since 1752 the market still stands in the Great Square of Easton.  Back in the day it wasn’t always the open air produce market it is today. Farmers and merchants traveled from the pioneer camps to the square to trade the good and skills they had. For the last 258 years Easton square has provided a place for people to gather and buy goods. Over the years the as retail stores popped up going to the square became less of a fun activity and more of an inconvenience. People stopped coming and the market had to change directions and changed into more of a flea market than a trading center. By 2005 the transformation happened and it became a produce only market. Since then locals have viewed the market as a center for activities and entertainment. Come meet Earl the local accordion player, watch a concert or two, and last but not least buy some local produce.