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Things to do in Eden Prairie

Sea Life Aquarium Not far from the quant town of Eden Prairie a beautiful Aquarium that anyone in the area needs to see. The Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium is actually under the Mall of America. As I said it’s a must see, sea is just so diverse and different that I like to take a chance to see every aquarium I can while traveling. My family often times gets tired of them but after we arrive and have a chance to see a majestic shark swim 2 feet in front of us the dread of another aquarium is gone and they are enjoying the trip again. If you have never been to a renowned aquarium than this is your chance to get wowed. The Sealife Aquarium is beautiful and filled with animals you may have only seen in books or on TV. You can watch a huge 9 foot long Sandtiger Shark swim above you. Yes above you, the aquarium has been designed with the idea of giving unique perspectives of the fish. Its one thing to see the shark it is an entirely different thing to see it from below. If sharks aren’t your cup of tea than don’t worry there is plenty of other sea life ranging from large but docile to small and harmless. Perhaps one of the smallest animals in the sea call the aquarium home and that is the Dwarf Seahorse. These little tiny seahorses are by far the cutest little creatures you are likely to see during your visit, unless you are a fan of clown fishes.

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What to eat in Eden Prairie

Redstone American Grill There is only one place that locals of Eden Prairie love to gather for a great meal at night, and that is Redstone American Grill. Redstone is named after the stone which fire their grills. The meats are cooked on a grill which fires white stones and turns them red. They heat and in return cook the meat it’s a great form of direct heat that can cook any type of meat. The stones get so hot that they can cook a steak to well done up to 30 minutes after the fire below had been put out. Red Stone American Grill is the perfect place to take that special someone for an elegant night on the tower. The different with Redstone is they prepare tried and true dishes like Filets, Prime Rib, and Baby Back Ribs in a gourmet manor. All steaks at RedStone are hand cut and then aged for a long 28 days. This is the perfect amount of time for a stake and it achieves the optimal flavor. Steaks are cooked to your liking and served with garlic mashed, loaded potato, or the seasonal veggie of the day. The veggies change throughout and year and daily. They are selected from fresh local markets and are only served if they are perfect. Redstone does have a little bit of a price tag on it but it is worth the money. At the upper price range is the Signature Filet coming in at $38.00 and at a more friendly price is the Rotisserie chicken and grilled meatloaf at 18.50 and 17.50. The price is high but the service and food is first class.