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edisonIt comes as no surprise as to where the city of Edison got its name and this city has a lot to be proud of. Thomas Edison made what is now known as Edison famous by his success as in inventor and the results of what came out of the laboratory located right here in Edison, New Jersey. Thomas Edison ventured into New Jersey in 1876 to set up shop, because real estate was unsuccessful at the time he was able to acquire enough property to put up his home and research laboratory in a development known as Menlo Park. During Edison’s time in his research laboratory in Menlo Park he invented over 1,093 patents and creations giving way to his nickname, “the Wizard of Menlo Park.” Among some of the more famous inventions Edison created during this time were the phonograph, a stock ticker, the motion-picture camera, the incandescent lightbulb, a mechanical vote counter, the alkaline storage battery including one for an electric car, and the first commercial electric light. The city embraced and loved Edison but how could they not if it were not for him they could not boast that their city was one of the first to have electric street lights. Today on the same street that saw electricity before all else stands a memorial tower and small museum dedicated to this local hero of an inventor. During your stay in Edison stop by and appreciate the inventions of Edison and pay respect at the memorial tower to a great inventor who changed the face of the planet.

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A few more things in Edison

playparkEdison is a city that loves and craves creative energy and always has been that way. Fifty years ago a group of people saw that the summer months of the year lacked creative arts in the town and came together to bring that spark to Edison. The group sought an area to put on plays in the town and without much funding they were able to secure a plot of land next to the park tree line and a storage building. In order to afford this area they would have to use the winter months to rent out the area for storage but none the less the group was excited. Because of the shed’s location next to the tree line it became known as Plays-in-the-Park. They plays became a big hit and popularity grew however at the height of its popularity a nearby garbage can had a lit fire in it and caused the storage building to burn to the ground. Functioning out of mobile trailers the show went on until funding could be gathered to build. In 1978 the funding was backed and the amphitheater was built. Ever since the theater went up more than 1 million people have come to see the famous plays of Plays-in-the-Park and while in town you should come experience the magic of the arts.