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Walnut Speakeasy Bar and Grill Illinois is an old state and has many great cities. Elgin is one of the smaller cities that people don’t often hear about but has a beautiful downtown area. Located in the downtown area is an array of restaurants and great things to do. It’s a beautiful place with old fashion buildings. Located wright along Walnut ave in Elgin tourist and citizens alike will find the Walnut Speakeasy Bar and Grill. The Walnut is a local gem that is always packed. Its great if you want to sit and have a delicious meal or just hang with your friends and enjoy a few rounds of drinks. The Walnut if it’s your first will impress you. The Bar is absolutely beautiful. Its crafted from the most beautifully hand selected Walnut. Yes that’s right the bar from the Walnut is made from a Walnut tree. Guests will enjoy looking into the complex and unique pattern that in found in each inch of the finished Bar. The whole restaurant isn’t made from Walnut but a large majority of the establishment is crafted from elegant dark woods. Its modeled after what would have been a bar in the 30’s and 40’s however the technology that is behind the wood is not from the 40s. The entire restaurant is brand new and state of the art, the kitchen included. The Walnut’s kitchen is a chefs dream it created with the Chef in mind to help in creating perfectly crafted meals. The grill specifics in a selection of pizzas, salads, Sandwiches, triple decker clubs, and even wraps. Most meals are under 10 bucks so it’s great if you are on a budget.

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What to explore in Elgin

Jimmy's Charhouse It just takes something to make a great restaurant. Through my travels I have noticed that you will travel through an area that they will have lots and lots of great places to eat. Other times ill stop in a city and see that they have no local eatery’s. This wasn’t the case with Elgin, every block I drove around a came to a new restaurants that looked and tasted amazing. The outside of a building speaks a lot for restaurant and when I saw the front of Jimmy’s Charhouse I just had to stop. It was a huge building with beautiful brick work. Once I parked and got inside I wasn’t disappointed the entire restaurant looked as if it came out of an era long gone. It was filled with beautiful dark woods, metal and rod iron work, and the smell as I entered just put the icing on the cake. The soft yellow lights made it a perfect atmosphere to just let the days stresses melt away. We started off when a loaf of bread and the most delicious Goat Cheese, our server explained to us how the cheese was baked in the oven sitting in a pool of Tomato Basil sauce. It was one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Each entrée comes with a soup or salad and your choice of side. For my entrée I would have been foolish to get something that didn’t touch the grill, I got their Filet Medallions Trio. This trio was cooked perfectly and came with three 3oz filet mignons, each steak had its own topping giving me a great taste of what the chef can do. The three sauces were Al Forno Crust, Horseradish Crust, and even crumbled Bleu Cheese.