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Ellicott City Station Ellicott City of Maryland is has a land mark is known from miles around becau se of its history and impact on America. Ellicott City is home to Ellicott City Station. This railway station is the oldest surviving station in America. The main part of the museum today is a freight house was that constructed in 1830 and completed in 1831, it is truly amazing that the site is still in one piece today. The railway which went through this station was the first 13 miles of commercial railroad in American. The museum today is open from Wednesday to Sunday weekly and open during the hours of 11am to 4pm. Admission is very cheap to get in at just $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, and just $4 for kids 2-12. There is many things to do at the Ellicott City Station inside the museum there are incredible small model train sets the depict the city throughout history. How the trains go across various rivers the types of bridges they used. Its an amazing site to see the trains all running at once. There are also some full size Engines, railcars, and even a big red caboose. Its is a great visit for the whole family kids will love the model trails and want to follow them all throughout the building. They will also love the life size trains because some of them you can get on and sit where the captains and passengers would have rode. At one time there were trains rides that you could enjoy but that has been closed for repairs and pending reopening.

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What to see in Ellicott City

Terisguel's Restaurant There are only a few things in history that the French are famous for and a couple of them are cheese and food. In Ellicott City Maryland you can find a restaurant that is bringing the delicious French back home to this small town. Tersiguel’s is a popular name in the area and one that the locals will be sure to point you to. Chef Michel is the son of the original Husband and Wife ran restaurant and today is the driving force of the restaurant. He started in the restaurant at the age of 11 becoming a buss boy and worked his way up through the front of house and then left home and went to France to study under some of the worlds most renowned chefs. Today he is back home and is daily producing the best food found in the Ellicott City area. He starts his mornings off early by personally going down to the seafood and produce market to select only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. These products that he selects are what is going to become the nightly specials. I have seen many chefs and none put the effort that Chef Michel does into his food. The restaurant itself is beautiful to look at. The building is a 19th century house that has 8 rooms that can be individually booked or is the main dining room area. It creates an private and intimate environment no matter the size of the party.