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Things to do in Elyria

elyriaIn the 1800s Heman Ely came to Ohio and found himself a nice plot of land to call his own. First he built himself a log house and settled himself. As Ely built more to his land he added a dam to the area for water supply and power. Now that Ely had a good power source he added a gristmill and sawmill to the area. Now that Ely had everything a town could ever want he decided it was time to add some people to the area because he was getting lonely. Ely built several houses to accommodate migrating settlers and because there was already an attractive foundation more and more settlers came. This town completely created by one man was named Elyria and by his death in 1850s Elyria was home to 5 churches, 3 grocery stores, 3 flour mills, a newspaper, and a population of over 1,500 people. The city of Elyria continued to grow and by the mid 1900s the population reached its peak a mall was added. Elyria is where a huge section of Civil War issues were played out and that is why today there stands a Civil War Memorial which you can visit while you are in town. Located in the center of town with all the main restaurants and local places to shop. Take a few pictures and remember the past and how far we have come while you are visiting Elyria.  

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A few more things in Elyria

elyriafallsWhile you are in Elyria it would be an absolute shame for you not to stop by Cascade Park. This wonderful park is not only the largest park in Elyria but is also the most popular. When the famous glaciers that came through and made the Great Lakes there was a segment of these glaciers that was lodged into Ohio. This Ohio glacier melted and moved over time to form the Black river and its formations. Some of these formations made waterfalls like the east falls located in Elyria. The wonderful falls, rivers, streams and lakes made by these glaciers are available in the park for visitors to come and see. Cascade Park is also home to a large playground and picnic areas. The park is home to many demonstrations like the fourth of July firework show in Elyria. This town has a lot to show you and many surprises await you in Elyria.