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splashRain or shine you can always come to Splash Lagoon! Family fun and day full of getting wet awaits you in Erie, PA. This full functioning resort is not only one of the largest indoor water parks in the world but offer so much more. Come enjoy the wild animal show where your kids can pet a live alligator. Grab some award winning food in the dining hall. If you are too tired to drive down worry this resort offers sleeping accommodations in their stylish and comfortable hotel. Open all season it features some of the best water rides in the state. With areas for toddlers and spaces for adults there is something for everyone. They over thrill rides, 9 slides, so of these are tube slides others are open slides, and some are race slides! All of these are at different levels offering a thrill on whatever level you are comfortable. Stay overnight and walk from your room over the connector right into the water park and get the party started! No more traveling from the hotel to the car, car to the parking lot, lot to the park, and then having to do all that over again at the end of the day. There is more than just water to amuse you because the facility offers a bar for the adults and a full arcade for the kids without ever having to leave the building. From the hand painted murals, the 80 foot high tiki tipping bucket, 1000 feet of twisting slides, 80 degree tropical water, your visit is sure to be memorable. Whether it is snowing, raining, or way to hot the inside of the facility is always ready for your family!

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eriezoo.Back in 1927 the zoo opened when the first animal arrived to the area. Arriving as a gift a baby elephant by the name of Tom-Boy was given to the city of Erie. Next they needed some land. The Robert Evans estate was donated and suddenly Tom-Boy had a home. One year later with many donations and lots of work the Erie Zoo was opened. The zoo was an instant hit and almost as soon as it opened they started expanding. Next to be added to the zoo was an ice arena and a childrens zoo. This remarkable zoo contains 377 species of animals and 225 species of plants and a ¾ a mile trek around the zoo where you can cover the world of animals in 4 zoogeographic areas. AS you start off you voyage in Tropical America you can look at the playful Macaws and Galapagos Tortoises, Flamingos, Cuban Crocodiles and so many more animals. The bright colors and music and playful animals take you through this tropical area and wave goodbye as you travel into the rainforest of Africa. Africa holds some of the more popular zoo animals and here on your wild safari you will find giraffes, Grant's zebras, African lions, ostrich, Western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and white rhinos, along with some of the not-so-familiar animals such as Arabian oryx, greater kudu, cape hunting dogs, bontebok and bongo. Feel tribal and sway with the music as you head into Indo-Australia. In the next area you will travel through the regions of Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. Gaze at the wallabies, magpie geese, and look for the saltwater crocs before walking through the interactive aviary. Last but not least find the diversity of Asia. Discover the diversity of the gaur, Przewalski's horses, Bactrian camels and pileated gibbons. The zoo also offers a Herpetarium, South American Free-flight Aviary, Macaw Canyon, Bear Grottos, a California Sea Lion exhibit and Komodo dragon exhibit. There is also a nursery and petting zoo where your family can get a little closer to the wild animals here.